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Posts Tagged ‘generation X’

The X Factor

Friday, September 20th, 2013

I’ve got a tiny ax(e) to grid with the main stream media.  (Well, truth be known, I have a LOT of axes to grind with them, but I’ll reserve them to only one subject matter this Friday.)  And, I’ve complained about this here before, but hey – one more time never hurts!

I read this article this morning, as I’m always curious to know more about generational differences in the workplace and in higher education (since, I now attempt to teach all levels of students), but this article I read just left me kind of…PO’d, as a member of Generation X–you know the one, the generation that NEVER gets discussed in the media…?

Now maybe you know why I’m upset.

The media LOVES to discuss baby boomers and their kids, Gen Y.  (I’ll go even further to say that, the media completely ignores Gen Z now too, but I’ll save that for another day.)  Back to X.  The media often forgets those of us in the middle – the ones that maybe, just someday, MIGHT get to lead corporate America and non profits, NGOs and boardrooms across the world.

Will Gen X ever get to run the universe?

Who knows?!!?  When I talk to my Gen X colleagues, it’s as if we are all waiting on the sidelines, ready and eager to jump into the leadership game, but those ahead of us have no desire whatsoever to get off the playing field and let us on for a minute or two.  As one of my X colleagues said succinctly, “It’s like we are all ready, but since no one will give us a chance, we’re not even getting the chance to work on our leadership skills until a disaster happens when there is no one else to take over.  It’s creating a generation of future leaders without any chance to actually…LEAD.”

I feel her pain.  I think we all do in Gen X.  I’m here to say, that hey there, dear media…if the boomers ever retire without Y being ready to step in, maybe you should be paying a little more attention to what’s going on with X, since ultimately we WILL be running the show–like it or not.

As the 80s song says, “Don’t you…forget about me.”  That goes for my entire generation.  Simple Minds apparently were ahead of their time.

X out.

The Misunderstood Generation

Monday, July 11th, 2011

This was the highest page ranked story in the WSJ today – on the Divorce Generation. It drove me nuts reading it.  Why?  Read on!

I am smack dab in the middle of Gen X myself (don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the year I was born).  But my parents never divorced.  They are still together today.  So this article does what a lot of articles about different ‘generations’ tries to do–stereotype and throw all of us into one class of people.  I find that horrific!  We are NOT all the SAME!  And this article does NOT apply to me, the “typical” Generation X’er, (whatever that means…)

I’m here to say that while Gen X is the smallest of the 4-5 living generations in the US, we are also often the most misunderstood.  Yes, we grew up with Atari and loved Ferris Buehler (and some of) us loved Duran Duran and MTV, but that’s probably where the similarities end.

If you don’t know what you’re talking about, then don’t lump a generation en masse by pulling out some stereotypical statistic and throwing it across the entire generation, please.  People of a generation are much more diverse and complicated than general demographics.  And most of all, be careful how you portray Gen X…because guess what?  We’re about to take over the leadership helm of many places in this country.  By trying to figure us out in a sentence or via some silly stereotype is just….well, silly.

I know this much is true.


Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

For those of you struggling with identity (whether or not you are in gen X or elsewhere) if any of the following resonates with you, you’re probably in X:

Dungeons & Dragons
MTV – when they actually played music videos
War Games
John Hughes movies – and you can name at least 3
Snoopy – when he and his gang were on TV
The Atari 2600
Any 80s hair band – come on–you know you liked at least ONE of them!
Aqua Net and feather combs
…and, last but not least, you know which band actually had an album entitled “X”

I’m sure I’m missing more important stuff – like Carter freeing the hostages, the first gas/oil crisis, blah blah blah…but hey, I was a kid when that stuff was going on…I only focused on the aforementioned (albeit probably not important) stuff.

If you understand my list, welcome to club X!