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Introducing…The Inaugural #STEMPrincess Advisory Board!

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 10.43.48 PM


Inaugural #STEMPrincess Project Advisory Board Announced by Pharm, LLC

INDIANAPOLIS – June 30, 2016 – Pharm, LLC created a new national advisory board for its book series and movement to encourage more girls to choose STEM/STEAMED* careers under the #STEMPrincess book trilogy project.

The advisory board is comprised of 9 women in STEM careers, or leadership positions from the US to ensure the #STEMPrincess educational events, resources and programs are ‘edutaining’ and compelling for the next generation of girls choosing to pursue STEM careers.  The 9 advisory board members include:

Mandi Bishop – Firebrand, Social Entrepreneur, Women-in-Healthcare & Health IT Evangelist– Jacksonville, FL

Holly M. Davis – Executive Director, Center for Women and Democracy – Seattle, WA

Kristin Eilenberg – CEO, Lodestone Insights – Indianapolis, IN

Christi Garcia – Sales and Business Development Manager, E-gineering, LLC – Indianapolis, IN

Crystal Grave – Founder, President and CEO, Snappening – Indianapolis, IN

NaShara Mitchell – Founder, Studio B – Indianapolis, IN

Shelley Myers – VP, Consumer Health & Wellness, Fuzion – Carmel, IN

Tasha Phelps – President & CEO, Phelco Technologies – Indianapolis, IN and Independent Candidate, Indiana State Senate – District 30

Jennifer Ruby, Esq. – Attorney-Owner, Ruby Law and Founder, Finances 101 for Young  Professionals – Indianapolis, IN

Heather Torlina Hatcher – Biologist, research scientist, and STEM educator – Fishers, IN

“I have been humbled by this tremendous cadre of women who are already in STEM and said yes—to champion STEM education for girls with the #STEMPrincess project nationally,” commented Erin Albert, CEO at Pharm, LLC, STEM academician and author of The Amazing Adventures of the Princesses from Planet STEM children’s book series.

“These women all want the STEM Princess movement out into the wider world in different, meaningful ways to in turn spark a new generation of women in STEM.  We know from the research that women in STEM are paid closer to parity with men, and have higher wage earnings. I’m excited to have this group of women already living the STEM dream help spread the broader message: that girls CAN be STEM superstars!”


About The Amazing Adventures of the Princesses from Planet STEM: This children’s book series for girls and boys ages 5-9 is currently a story book (book 1), a hands-on activity book (2), and a coloring book (3).  The series is available online for sale at the author’s website:  More on the author at:

About Pharm, LLC: A service consulting think tank to healthcare, life sciences and pharmacy professionals, Pharm LLC educates on career development pathways through books, courses and articles to inform. Contact:

Beyond the press release – these women are all going to kick my dupa into gear on my STEM Princess dream – which is to get 50% gender parity in all corners of STEM.  Let’s do this, ladies!!!!

The STEM Princess Children’s Book Trilogy: An Update

Monday, March 21st, 2016

STEMPrincessSeriesI need to update the saga of the trilogy of #STEMPrincess trilogy for a moment. Please allow me to wrangle the web hi-lights up in one spot!

Once upon a time…

Back in fall, 2013 I ran a Kickstarter campaign for the first book, The Amazing Adventures of the Princesses from Planet STEM, not to publish the book, but to give away copies to the Indiana library system.  It happened after I read this abysmal report on the status of girls in Indiana, particularly around their lack of success in AP STEM subject matter.  This can’t happen in my state.

Check. Success. Done.  The book was published in 2014.

Then, in 2015, I set out to create a hands on book for girls ages 5-9 to play with concepts introduced by the characters in the first book for STEM careers.  The Amazing Adventures of the Princesses from Planet STEM: FUNBOOK Alpha was born. It includes an online answer key too, just in case anyone gets stuck (myself included).

Now, in 2016, the third book has been released, The Amazing Adventures of the Princesses from Planet STEM: Coloring Book Beta, which allows children of all ages to connect with STEM professions and color their worlds STEM.  Most people love to color – so if this book can bring people together, release a little tension and educate along the way through colored pencils and/or crayons, even better.

When will it stop?  I’m not sure. But it doesn’t feel ‘done’ yet.  As well, maybe I’ll stop when more girls start choosing STEM careers, and we all get to gender pay equity.  I don’t see that coming overnight.  And while I love to sell books and tell the stories of the STEM Princesses, I’ve got a much bigger mission here than just books.  This series is training the next generation of girls and boys to show what girls can do – which is whatever boys can do.  It shows all of us what is possible.  And of course, one can be what she can see.  Last, as I just shared last week with Women & Hi Tech, the way of work in this world is radically changing–are we preparing the next generation for jobs that don’t even exist yet in STEM?

Last, the #STEMPrincess manifesto, created in the first book, and which has been included in all subsequent books.  We will keep you updated on Facebook, along with all other social portals with our hashtag.  When the day comes that we see 50%/50% gender equity in most if not all STEM professions, we’ll quit.  Until then…we’ll keep our sleeves rolled up, and continue the work.

Attention Crayons, Markers and Pencils…

Monday, March 14th, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 10.51.33 AM#STEMPrincess3 has arrived!

I’m working on the official launch, press, yada yada yada for March – but in the meantime, my fab 13, since you’ve been awesomely supporting me over the years, I wanted to let you be the first to know!

I know what you’re thinking, “Hey – Albert. Where are they for sale, again?” Thanks for asking!

They are at the Pharm Square Store, along with some other goodies – like stickers, the 3-book bundle (at a discount, I might add…) and a 10-book coloring book party pack if you want to get the coloring book in a larger quantity!  I’ve got some other tricks up my sleeve too – to help sell some books, yes, but more importantly – get more books out into the hands of girls PRONTO so they can say yes to STEM careers!

This first coloring book has been a lot of fun to produce.  Shout out to the amazing Pam Fraizer as well, who illustrated this 3rd book in the series.

Why did I do a coloring book, again? Because you can be what you can see – and that includes coloring! Girls need more positive role models in their lives.  If I inspire just one girl to consider and then choose a STEM profession who might never have thought about it before – that will be the reward here – to the girl herself for wisely choosing a career where she’ll be paid close to parity with her male counterparts, to me for leaving the planet a little better than I found it, and most of all – to the universe!

Color me STEM

Sunday, February 7th, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 9.21.28 AMSo, there’s a ton of research out there that suggests coloring has benefits, other than a page just being filled in with the ROYGBIV spectrum.  I wanted to do a lasso around the internet on this subject and put a few solid posts here so I can refer to them later on…so this post is for me!  Read on, however, if you’re interested in this arena of research as I am right now.

The Healing Power of Art

Health benefits of coloring books attracting adults to childhood pastime

Anti-Stress Coloring Books for Adults: The Latest Way to Relax

Adult Coloring Books Promise Stress Relief

Why adult coloring books are good for you

Coloring Books for Existential Angst

Let Kids Create: 7 Benefits of Coloring

The American Art Therapy Association Art Therapy: Integrating Creativity, Healing, and Professionalism Conference 2016

Podcast on adult coloring

I’ll be adding to this over time as well when I stumble on other cool stuff in coloring.

B is for Bioinformatics

Friday, September 19th, 2014

We continue with our STEM and Girls alphabetology today for the #STEMPrincess2 Campaign on Kickstarter!

B = Bioinformatics, and Princess Bella from The Amazing Adventures.  Here’s the scoop on bioinformatics:

May your week end be bioinformatic-tacular!!!!

(Don’t worry.  I’m not ready to quit my day job for a career in puns…)

More on STEAMED Education for Indiana…and Everywhere

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Folks in this galaxy need more STEM education.  You know I’ve been beating on this drum for some time now, and I also think we need to update the acronym to cover STEAMED education – that includes:

  • science
  • technology
  • engineering
  • arts
  • math
  • entrepreneurship and
  • design thinking

Tuesday July 29, 2014, I’m giving a talk about this very subject at Indy Rotary.  Below are my abbreviated slides for this talk.  If you are attending, thanks for your participation in advance, and also, here are some resources I promised you at the actual live talk:

Become a Planet STEM Ambassador.

Vote for which princess(es) we should feature in #STEMPrincess2, our second in hopefully a very long series of #STEMPrincess books.

Talk to the kids in your life about what they are doing IN and OUT of school to increase their own STEM knowledge.  Here’s the free resource guide that comes with the first STEM Princess book, The Amazing Adventures of the Princesses from Planet STEM.

Of course, as I’ll also be sharing, I need $7000 to get #1000 copies of #STEMPrincess2 into the hands of girls and boys across the state.  How I find the funds for this I’m still working on (as my company personally funded the first book).  If you’d like to financially support #STEMPrincess2, I’m happy to talk with you about this!

Thanks for listening.  And thanks for caring about our future!

Slides from the talk:

Why Indiana Should be STEAMED About Education – Dr. Erin Albert – Indy Rotary 7_29_14 from Erin Albert


Nominees for #STEMPrincess2

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

TheAmazingAdventuresofthePrincessesFromPlanetSTEMIf one more person asks me where #STEMPrincess2 is, I’m going to lose my mind!

Really, my peeps – I’m working on this.  But, I not only have to dig up a plot line and pick one or two of the 20 princesses from the first book to feature in the next book in the series (and yes, I see this as a multiple book series), but I need to dig up the funds to make this book happen.  That, precisely at a minimum is $6500 for the next book–AFTER taxes and all the other fundraising jazz.  (So, if any of you have a spare seven grand laying around, I’m all ears…)

Anywho…I polled the backers of the first book over at Kickstarter on which princess(es) I should feature in #STEMPrincess2.

Here are the nominees for #STEMPrincess2 (in random order):

1. Abigail – the rocket scientist.  Duh.  Why wouldn’t a rocket scientist be a hit?!?

2. Chloe and Dakota – the wonder twins of computer science.  And also two of the earliest characters developed in the series.

3. Fiona – the forensic scientist.  No doubt CSI is helping her out.

4. Lilly – the laser and optical technician.  I think lasers are definitely cool…and physics is here, which is definitely an area where we could use some more girl power.

5. Piper – the pharmacist/physician. Again, this is a no-brainer choice in my mind, as most girls go into the health and life sciences in STEM.

6.  Ruby – the robotics gal.  I like her because she’s got an engineering background, which again is an area we need more girl power to represent…

7.  Tabitha – the telecommunications/theoretical math physicist.  All I can say is – can somebody hurry up and invent the teleporter?!?

8.  Zoey and Victoria – These two kind of fit together – we have a zoologist and a veterinarian here.  Animals from a different planet, anyone?  I think this would be a really fun story line.

I’m not ruling out any of the 20 amazing fierce princesses just yet.  And here’s your big chance to represent and VOTE for which princess(es) YOU think I should be focused on for book 2.  Who do you dig? VOTE HERE.

If you want to see what the princesses look like – if you’re in IN, get the book from your public library.  Or, why not buy one and inspire a girl to rock STEM?

So now – ball’s in your court.  It’s up to YOU on where I am on #STEMPrincess2.  Feeling the pressure yet?!? Lol!  Welcome to my world!!!

The Amazing Adventures of the Princesses from Planet STEM

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

stemp1 stemp2 stemp3 stemp4

Friends, as I shared with you this past weekend, the books are HERE!!!!

The Amazing Adventures of the Princesses from Planet STEM is FINALLY in print!  Yesterday, I burned a vacation day–received the books, then autographed and got them into mailers for the backers of the project at Kickstarter last fall.  They get theirs first, since they were good to me on this project – couldn’t have done it without them!

While I’m exhausted, I’m so thrilled that this is finally coming full circle for the girls of Indiana and everywhere.  We NEED MORE TOOLS AND GAMES AND TOYS FOR GIRLS TO GET EXCITED ABOUT STEM!!!!

If you backed – watch your mail – the books are heading your way!


Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Peeps! (Some of you already know this, since you were backers of the project, and I already shared with you…)

I’ve been waiting for this moment since last fall, when I started the Kickstarter campaign for the #STEMPrincess Project: friends, the books are coming MONDAY!!!!

Seriously, there is no better feeling to an author than cracking open the first box off the skid.  But that’s not the best part.  The best part of THIS particular project is that it involved all my friends and even some anonymous donors who MADE IT HAPPEN WITH ME!

They say no woman is an island.  Nor is a writer.  THANK YOU if you supported or backed this project.  I can’t wait to roll it out!

Last, the publisher’s book links are already up – ssshhhh! Here they are:

The Amazing Adventures of the Princesses from Planet STEM

Oh, and the OTHER new book:

The New Pharmacist: 46 Doses of Advice

Squeeeeeeeeee!  See you Monday – join the picture fun over at the Faceplace page for #STEMP if you want to see it unfold real time!

We Interrupt the Kickstarter #STEMPrincess Project…For a Chat with Dr. Julie Koehler

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

for yet another episode of: DID the #STEMPrincess grow up and live happily ever after?  This time, we chat with Dr. Julie Koehler of Butler University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

(As well, this is in honor of American Pharmacists’ Month!)

Remember, you can be what you can see.  It was important to present to the universe amazing women already rocking STEM, even though we don’t have enough yet in the fold!  Please make sure you’re encouraging boys and girls to be whatever they want to be when they grow up.  With enough hard work and dedication, there is a STAR in all of us, in STEM, or out!

Another #STEMPrincess Episode: Did the STEM Princess really live happily ever after? With Dr. Julie Koehler from Erin Albert on Vimeo.