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5 Super Useful Items of Late

Sunday, August 21st, 2016

In an era where it’s easy to complain about stuff that doesn’t work (I myself threw down some massive frustration with a government website this weekend as just one example…) it’s nice to pause and instead discuss things that are actually useful and DO help.

These are items that have proven super useful to me of late, of which I am grateful for:

1. The Wayback Machine – When you want to see your company’s very FIRST website back in 1991, or when you’re looking for something at a website that is no longer there.  This sweet little site can just save the day!

2. - No, not for cheating at Words with Friends, but to actually write stuff that rhymes!

3. Hopper - This is an app that helps you keep your eyes on flight fares.  If I could only get this for clothes, hotels, and other items…my life would be easier.

4. YouTube – This was 100% straight up my teacher on creating the STEM Princess coloring book movie trailer this weekend.  Chances are, if I didn’t use it, I’d STILL be sitting in front of my macbook in iMovie shouting vulgarities.

5. My Canon Vixia HF G10 – On my old macbook, I had to buy some software and transfer video clips over through it in order to then be able to edit in iMovie.  With my new macbook, however, someone fixed that problem, so it makes uploading and editing video WAY easier.

If you get frustrated, I get it.  Maybe just pause and think of a few things you’re grateful for instead, and that may return you to a Zen-like state.

At least for a second…