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Your Career: Not A One-Way Street

Saturday, August 13th, 2016

onewayI already lamented this to my fab 14 with my email blast to them and them only (you can sign up over to the left <- if you want to be in the know first), but it’s something worth expanding upon…because it’s about you and your career, and you’re always worth discussing!

Careers are no longer a one-way street.  You don’t just go to high school, get into the best college, get a job, work there for 40 years, retire, and go off into the sunset.  That used to be the easy path, and what the majority of US workers did.

The good news and bad news is that it is a lot more complicated than that now.

What I mean by this I’ve previously discussed in Multipationals, but I don’t think I went to the full limits that I should have in that book about this topic.  Now, you have to think about your career as a 5-way intersection, with some streets being 2 way, and others one way.  And let’s throw in a roundabout here too.  You should, if you’re smart, have a portfolio of careers.  You should have a full or near full time gig, a part time gig or two, and one of those things on the side should be your very own.

In less than 4 years from now, 40% of us will be in this type of career path, where it’s a range of gigs, with different groups and tribes and employers, and in different lengths and durations.  You may or may not be considered a W2, a 1099 or if long enough, converting from one to the other as your relationship with some employers.

The hard part, I think, is coming up with the ideal career portfolio mix for YOU and where you are in your life at the time.  How much time per week do you want or need to work in your primary job? Do you get bored? Do you thrive with variety? How much variety? Then, what and how do you want to work – from home? In a space with others? Does it geographically matter where you work?

The career portfolio is really hard to rock well at this point, since there appears to be little direction on how, exactly to come up with a precise or ideal mix of career gigs for an individual.  I’ll tell you straight up that colleges aren’t training or inspiring most students to prepare for this change, either.

I’ll end by asking – if you have a portfolio career, and you’re happy with it – how did you come up with the right formula for you? Was it trial and error? Did you have a mentor guide you to your ideal mix? Did you straight up get lucky? I’d welcome your comments…