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#SMDames17 Facebook Live from Carmel Digital Media Lab Today

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

The girl with the face for radio accidentally stepped in front of the camera today for #SMDames17!

Tickets while they last are at:

and a separate one over at youtube.

#SMDames14 – 6/24/14 – Ft. Wayne – for Women and Social Media

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Follow Amy Stark’s board Social Media Dames on Pinterest.

See this cool little Pinterest widget up on this post above this text?  That, along with a million other little tiny ideas I’ve picked up from attending and networking with the fabulous social media dames from #SMDames13 and soon to be (tomorrow) #SMDames14!  I LOVE learning about the power of social media from these gals, and cannot wait for tomorrow!

I’ll be talking about my new little pal, Adobe Voice.  Others are talking about an array of social media tools that we can all go home, think about, and reapply to our businesses and our lives, in order to share our stories.

If you’re a gal seeking social media nirvana and in Indiana, OH or anywhere near Ft. Wayne tomorrow, you should join us, here’s the link to the tickets….I think we still have a few left.

I have the privilege of attending a lot of training courses throughout the year, but of all of them, this is one I always look forward to the most.

See (some of you) tomorrow!

#STEMPrincess Project: On the Radio

Saturday, October 12th, 2013

Tomorrow (Sunday, October 13), I’m on the radio with Pete the Planner, talking about the #STEMPrincess Project – yay!  He’s on WIBC, 93.1 FM in Indianapolis from 10 am – noon eastern time.  If you’re not in the Indianapolis area (since my amazing 13 fans are spread throughout the universe, like that!) feel free to hop on over to and click on the ‘Listen Live‘ red button on the upper right of their homepage.

Thanks, Pete!