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Friday the 13th

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Friday the 13ths are always kind of weird.  This one was no exception.  Maybe more in a good way.

Anyway, first off, thanks to SurveyMonkey for giving me another shot to discuss how I use their tool inside and outside of the classroom at the day job. The Pharmacy Law example, RX526, was super helpful in identifying the issues in flipped classrooms.  Ironically, The Atlantic had an article on a similar pharmacy classroom experience with flipped classrooms this week.

Flipped classes are a challenge for pharmacy students out of the gate the first time or two a teacher tries them, but I found that half of students really liked being free from the confines of a classroom to learn.  Regardless, this is how they are going to have to learn AFTER college, so the sooner we can introduce this type of learning and get them used to it, the better.

Also, thanks to Drug Topics magazine, for giving us the shot to share the #21Flavors CE program we had at Butler back in July more broadly with the universe this month in their magazine.  They even squeaked in the 21 Flavors website too, which we are all excited about sharing.

As for the weirdness of Friday the 13th, I spent last week getting re-CPR BLS certified (but, that’s not an invitation for me to try out my mad skillz on you, BTW), and created more work and connections around a new book project I’m working on, and continued to watch the social media dames unconference start filling up – we sold 20% of the tickets already – yay!

As for next week, the weirdness continues.  Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to share with you, fab 13, because that’s how I roll!