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What I’m Giving Up

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

The Lenten season is upon us.  If you are giving up something bad for you, good luck!  Disclaimer: I am not, nor ever was Catholic.  However, I certainly grew up around a lot of Catholics, so every year about this time I am inclined to give something up….tis the season.

So, here’s what I’m going to try until April 11th, in Tim Ferriss fashion (a la his four hour work week).  Now, before I state this, let it be known that I am providing the guts to put it out here publicly, in an effort for you all to keep me honest…here goes….

From now until April 11th, I am going to check email ONLY 2 times a day: once at 9 am, and once at 3 pm. This includes ALL of my email accounts (yes, all half a dozen or so of them).  

That’s it.  While some of you are probably thinking – what’s the big hairy deal…?  Trust me, for an email addict like me, this is a HUGE deal.  In fact, I think if I can stick to it, I might just hit rock star level productivity that I achieved back in the P.E. era (P.E.=pre-email, which I’m not certain what A.D. year that is equivalent to, maybe 1990?) Anyway, I’m looking forward to the acceleration of my productivity skyrocketing to the next level!

In conclusion, three things: 1. wish me luck (I’ll need it), 2. if you get my auto response when you email me, I’ll get back to you…sometime around 9 am or 3 pm…. 3. if I don’t (or if I do outside of those times), remind me that I’m being naughty.  I could use the backup!