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The Cool Pharmacy Career Toolkit: Pharmacy Times & Pharmacy Careers

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Inevitably – I get these random emails or faceplace messages from grads that ask what else is out there for pharmacists after graduation and working a couple of years.

Obviously, my first response was to write a book about it–46 Doses.

But, Pharmacy Careers and Pharmacy Times have given me the opportunity to feature real world pharmacists doing really amazing things in the world.  This is where I’m going to house the links over the coming months.  I’ve written, and will continue to write, some amazing stuff going on out there in the world o’ pharmacy.

The column has two different types of posts within the series.

1. Story: Y-O-U – The first type of posts will be more personal–to unearth the biggest mystery of all–YOU.  I’ll give tips and tricks that I use with students on a regular basis for pharmacists to stop and do a reality check on themselves.

2. Spotlight in Practice (or, you can be what you can see) – The second type of post features an actual real-world pharmacist out there rocking – doing amazing stuff – changing and thinking about practice a little differently.  I personally think that YOU CAN BE WHAT YOU CAN SEE – so it’s my job as a writer to find those doing cool, unusual work to inspire others to hop on board the cool/amazing/different/creative train in pharmacy practice and healthcare.

As the links and stories come online, I’ll keep putting them in here.  Here are the first few:

I’ll be filling in the rest of the bullets as the year rolls on.  In the meantime, if YOU are a cool pharmacist doing interesting things in your work, or you know someone who is – let me know! I want to share your brilliance with the rest of the world – so maybe if nothing else, I can inspire a new generation of pharmacists to get out there, find their interesting corners of practice, and blow them up into something that is unique, one-of-a-kind, and feeds not only their pocketbooks, but their souls.