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5 Things I <3 Right. Now.

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Due to a technical glitch, I can’t work much on #STEMP2 until I get some answers. Until then, I thought I’d interrupt by book writing, and continue the writing habit by instead giving you 5 things I’m in love with right. Now. Ready?

1. BlackJaguarWhiteTiger – on Instagram. I’m fascinated watching up close video of big cats.

2. Podcasts – seriously, I can’t get enough of them in my car and while working out right now. There are obvious choices like James Altucher, Tim Ferris and GaryVee, but the real gems I’m also listening to are the lesser known…like Does College Matter?Aspen Institute, Biz Chix, and How to Be Amazing.  My only tiny criticism here is that I’d like to hear more women running regular podcasts. Stitcher and iTunes…you must have these apps on your phone. Immediately.

3. Live video streaming - I shut off all the bells and whistles on my smartphone…except…for periscope notifications.  I took Meerkat off the phone a while ago, but I probably need to put it back on.  The fascinating thing about live stream video apps is just that – everyone now has their very own live video streaming channel. Real time. That’s very, very cool to me.  So, I’m watching my friends on periscope in particular so I can figure out how to use it myself.

4. MPR app – I’ve been looking for a decent free drug/pharma app. Now it’s finally here!

5. Quora – I’m late to the Quora bandwagon, but it’s pretty good to get evidence off of the beaten path.  I’m not answering anything over there, just listening and watching…

Julie Andrews Sound of Music rant over…!

5 Cool Items for Your Consideration

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Yes, yes yes.  I know I should be working on #STEMPrincess2 right now…but I granted myself a work hiatus today, since I spoke about the #STEMPrincess project at #NACW15 instead.

I wanted to throw down a few cool things I or my friends are putting out there for you, my fab 13 fans, in hopes that you’ll take the ball and run with it.

Here goes…

1. What I learned at altMBA – 8.8.15 – Indy – Studio B.  Come and hear what I learned cover-to-cover at this event from Seth Godin’s course at #altMBAIndy.  If you REALLY want to go big, you can apply for altMBA2, which is starting at the end of August.

2. The STEM Princess Teaching Contest - So, one of my friends on instagram posted her first grade classroom stripped down today as she prepares for another year of teaching.  That inspired me to think of some way to share cool STEM education ideas and give back.  So, you can hurry over to Periscope and watch my really terribly shot post on the contest for ideas, or better yet, go like the STEM Princess Facebook page, like it, and then plant your awesome STEM teaching idea on the page.  The best teaching in STEM idea will get the book prize pack on the page.  Contest ends next week.  And I really don’t care if you’re a kindergarten teacher, or a professor teaching PhD candidates–I just want everyone to share their best teaching stuff in and around STEM.

3. And while we’re on the subject – Periscope.  Live streaming video is something for the LIFE of me I’m trying to figure out.  And yet, I’m reminded of my grandmother’s terrible picture taking habits when I jiggle the camera around.  Sloppy video aside, I think live streaming video is the NEXT thing in social media.  So, if you’re trying to figure it out too, meet up with me over at that channel on your smart phone.  You should be able to just type in “erinalbert” and find me…and my jiggly camera.

4. SMDames15 – Speaking of social media (see how this post is just one big loop?) Shout out to Amy Stark and Digital Dames for putting together the next and upcoming #SMDames15!  I’m lobbying hard for experts in Periscope, Meerkat, Slack, Plag, and Zoom to share how they use these amazing new tools.  Registration I’ve been told will be up soon.  So if you’re trying to figure out all this new fancy social media whiz bang gadgetry, or don’t have the time to research it yourself but need a fast download, you should mark your calendars now for November 20th at Oak Hill Mansion.  It’s always a good time and a great crew of women in the house.

5. Travel – The Erin Albert roadshow is heading to DC, Boston, Miami and Ireland this fall!  For what? Stay tuned…!