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Never. Stop. Shining.

Sunday, March 25th, 2018

trepbookcoversI’ve had an awesome week.

But, I’ve also had a butt-kicking week.

One of the questions I kept getting asked at SXSW was – “How do I stop getting people to see me in only one way, as a _____?”

(The blank = typically what your first profession was, or your first major in college.)

First off, this is kind of the generalist vs. the specialist argument that I’ve often described here before. Second, people love to put other people in nice compartments – that’s probably why the Container Store is so wildly popular. We like to make things simple and neat.

Sorry, but life is not simple and neat. And the most interesting people often aren’t simple.

Third, many with the indoctrination of ONE JOB FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE (the very old concept of the industrial revolution) may not ever understand that people have to have MULTIPLE careers ongoing now – not just one. ONE JOB IS DANGEROUS, because what if that ONE JOB goes away overnight?

The other challenge the SXers often asked about was “How can I do multiple things in my career?”

That’s actually easier. You simply make time for the things you care about.

Yes, you have to get a day job to feed your bank account and bills. Sometimes, you get lucky and you can also feed your soul at your day job. But, if you can’t, you still have 8 hours every day to do something that feeds the latter. Maybe you won’t get paid in $. But, your spiritual capital will benefit. Or, better yet, you can learn key skills while doing passion projects that can lead you into being paid for them in a gig later on.

The bottom line with both of these questions: never stop being you. Shine on. If the rest of the world tries to put you in one nice little box because they comprehend that you can only do ONE thing, that’s their problem, not yours. Second, know that you’re not alone, if you’re out there reinventing yourself, or your career, or juggling a lot of different things. It’s OKAY to want to do more and grow in your life…to try new things. In fact, you’re now in the majority. And those box putters with ONE job are going to have a very, VERY rude awakening soon…

Thanks to Career Coach Caroline!

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 9.18.21 AMIt’s always fun to be on the OTHER side of the podcast mic.  Sincere thanks to Caroline Dowd Higgins, who gave me the opportunity to be a part of her podcast, Your Working Life. (It will be over at iTunes in the near future too.)

On this podcast, we discuss #STEAMED education, the #STEMPrincess Project, #Multipationals, developing a career portfolio, time management, burnout, vacation and so much more!

This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful and thankful for friends like Caroline, who are doing important work to show others how to live their best lives. Give a listen, and thank you for listening – I’m thankful for YOU, too!


Two Random Things

Monday, June 19th, 2017

1. Because….cats.

2. To all who are doing the day job, then coming home and doing a SECOND shift on ANOTHER gig – be it your own gig, another job, or just being the hardest job of all – a parent, I’m here to tell you that you rock. Double on a Monday, and especially if you’re still hustling at 10 pm after a very long, arduous Monday.

That’s all I’ve got left today.


Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 6.49.37 AMIt was fun to be on the OTHER side of the interview table – my sincere thanks to Josh Scarver of #DoWhatYouDesire, for having the tables turned and I became the interviewee!

My hope and wish for all my fab 13 this week: to do your why. Do something around why you’re here. Help the universe…we’re waiting for you to share your superpowers!

Your Career: Not A One-Way Street

Saturday, August 13th, 2016

onewayI already lamented this to my fab 14 with my email blast to them and them only (you can sign up over to the left <- if you want to be in the know first), but it’s something worth expanding upon…because it’s about you and your career, and you’re always worth discussing!

Careers are no longer a one-way street.  You don’t just go to high school, get into the best college, get a job, work there for 40 years, retire, and go off into the sunset.  That used to be the easy path, and what the majority of US workers did.

The good news and bad news is that it is a lot more complicated than that now.

What I mean by this I’ve previously discussed in Multipationals, but I don’t think I went to the full limits that I should have in that book about this topic.  Now, you have to think about your career as a 5-way intersection, with some streets being 2 way, and others one way.  And let’s throw in a roundabout here too.  You should, if you’re smart, have a portfolio of careers.  You should have a full or near full time gig, a part time gig or two, and one of those things on the side should be your very own.

In less than 4 years from now, 40% of us will be in this type of career path, where it’s a range of gigs, with different groups and tribes and employers, and in different lengths and durations.  You may or may not be considered a W2, a 1099 or if long enough, converting from one to the other as your relationship with some employers.

The hard part, I think, is coming up with the ideal career portfolio mix for YOU and where you are in your life at the time.  How much time per week do you want or need to work in your primary job? Do you get bored? Do you thrive with variety? How much variety? Then, what and how do you want to work – from home? In a space with others? Does it geographically matter where you work?

The career portfolio is really hard to rock well at this point, since there appears to be little direction on how, exactly to come up with a precise or ideal mix of career gigs for an individual.  I’ll tell you straight up that colleges aren’t training or inspiring most students to prepare for this change, either.

I’ll end by asking – if you have a portfolio career, and you’re happy with it – how did you come up with the right formula for you? Was it trial and error? Did you have a mentor guide you to your ideal mix? Did you straight up get lucky? I’d welcome your comments…


More on…the Future of Work

Saturday, March 19th, 2016

So…on the future of work.  Here are some things you may want to read/listen to/or watch.  What inspired this post was a talk I gave this week at Women & Hi Tech on this subject.  Here are the slides.

1. Originals – book on creativity.  And creativity is going to be in the top 3 skills needed by employers by 2020. Of course Brene Brown has great books on creativity, and Gilbert’s newest book is on creativity too.  All of these are good.

2. The Future of Work Podcast – I’m a big fan of this one. Also listen to it on Stitcher.

3. The World Economic Forum – have a lot of white papers and research about the future of…a lot of topics.

4. Slideshare – believe it or not, Slideshare is a great place to get ideas on topics before they become books.

5. Of course – a few of the books I mentioned on the future of work, Multipationals, Plan C and Single Women Entrepreneurs.  All 3 provide different ways of viewing your future career.

The changes are coming.  If you haven’t been affected by them yet, you will be soon.  By reading or listening to the above, you’ll be better off with advanced warning…

March Madness…

Saturday, February 27th, 2016
Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 9.44.25 AM

Hurry Up, Spring!


Is coming!

Not only do I actually get a real, adult spring break to warmer parts this year (at least in part), but also the following is coming up!

1. #STEMPrincess3 launch – it’s almost here! Yay! Don’t forget you can reserve your copy and get it first here.  And go find your crayons!

2. Women & Hi Tech talk – on St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll be talking about Workplace 2020 – something I never really did much when I released Multipationals, but bears some research and scrutiny, now that 2020 isn’t that far away.  Furthermore, with the world of work changing as much as it is, we all need a little more insulation when it comes to career development these days.

3. IN Small Business Expo – I’ll be discussing networking via social meeting for the first time at this event. Tickets are here. My partner in IN social media women & crime (lol) Amy Stark will be there too.

4. The Pharmacy Podcast – bringing a little more on writing to enhance one’s professional presence and career development.  Watch for it on the website.

Bring it.

Top 10 Posts of 2015

Sunday, December 13th, 2015

Before I hit my big fat failures for 2015 (and trust me, there’s ample material to write about in that post), I thought I’d check analytics to figure out what the top 10 posts of this tiny little blog were for 2015.  (I also did this with my top 6 posts over at LinkedIn.)  The following posts my mom dug, with a few other people out there in the internet ether.  Ready for the high traffic season?


10.  Pharmacy Stuff - I’m guessing the list of pharmacist and healthcare certifications was a hit on this post.

9.  Crowdfunding 101 – It was fun to put together an all-woman Crowdfunding 101 panel in 2015, and I’m glad this post and program helped a few raise their own funds for projects that can change the world.

8.  Who’s at the Helm in Healthcare? – I’m glad this one made the top 10.  Anyone who looks at this list in charge of diversity at these companies should frankly be embarrassed.  Gotta fix this, people!

7.  Sock-knocking letters of reference - How to get them.  Although, the older I get, the less I get the “how to get a job” stuff.  I’m not sure the “traditional” ways work anymore.  So, take this post with a grain of salt…

6. STEMPrincess2 is Finally in the House - A lot happened this year, and this book took longer than I wanted to get done, but it’s done, and I’m now on to #STEMPrincess3, and I won’t stop until we get 50/50 women/men  in more STEM professions.  Thanks to all who pre-purchased this book and had my back during its production.

5.  The Most Important Trait Not on the Syllabus to Learn – I was surprised by this being a popular post.  But, I’m glad someone is reading it.  The trait is super important, and sadly missing in college curricula.

4. Why I broke up with Facebook – Surprisingly, this post got a lot of hits.  I was bad about leaving the faceplace this year, (mainly because I’m still there), but I just read research this week that stated that if you leave the faceplace, you’re actually happier.  Jack the cat may be posting on my pages in 2016…stay tuned…

3.  Which Professions Are Better for Multipationals?  So, I managed to squeak out two books this year – STEMPrincess2, and the adult book on the changing world of work, Multipationals.  In this post, I shared an infographic on professions that work better for having multiple gigs.  By 2020, 40% or more of the workforce is going 1099 instead of W2.  Seriously, folks, work is about to get a lot more complicated in this country, and I was thrilled to study it and share it with the universe.

2.  National Pharmacy Meetings Second Half 2015 - Subsequent to tracking the national pharmacy meetings, a lot of my pharmacy friends were thankful such a list now exists.  Me too, I must say, because it was getting difficult to track all of them.  Pharmacy has become pretty niche and complex, so making things a little simpler can be helpful.  (BTW, the 2016 list is here.)

1.  55 Cool Jobs for Pharmacists - This, far and away, was my #1 post with the most traffic this year.  And, while in the past I chose not to write too much about pharmacy, I’m getting the signal from the universe that I probably need to communicate more about my first profession.  Don’t worry, peeps – I think I’ve got that covered in 2016 – but more on that in 2016!

A lot of pharmacy stuff in here.  And a lot of book stuff.  Sometimes, it’s good to know someone other than your mom is actually reading your blog.  And if it helps others – EVEN. BETTER!

Which Professions are Better for Multipationals?

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

MultipationalsInfographic5_26_15First off, epic thanks to @WFYI’s show, No Limits today for having me on for an hour about Multipationals.  If you missed it, here’s the recap podcast.

The show’s host, John Krull, asked me an interesting question today.  Are there certain occupations that lend better to multipationalism?  (And just as a refresher, a multipational is one who has multiple career streams going at the same time.)

What I can tell you is what most of the multipationals were in the book.  That was the professions listed in the infographic: law, entrepreneurship, academia, healthcare, non profits, military, politics, and the arts.  But the more I think about it, the less I see limits.  I’m quite sure that if you wiggle it right, just about any profession can become multipational.

Of course, one should read their anchor or full time day job employer’s contract.  Are there limits there – like no moonlighting?  Non-competes? First, I hope you already know what your contractual limits are, since you read your employer’s agreement when you signed it (of course regular readers of this blog did that – but just in case…).  Some industries are pretty rabid about non-competes and no moonlighting.  But, even if you have a non-compete, can you work in a totally different arena than your full time day job, as long as it isn’t in the same line of work?

If you didn’t sign something that limits you working outside of the “anchor” day job, what’s holding you back?

Another really important item to consider: are you making yourself available to the universe?  What I mean by that is, are you building your social capital and putting yourself out there, that you in fact WANT to do multiple things with your career?  Example for me: writing.  I’m open to new writing gigs, and I do put myself out there to offer up articles and series of articles about topics that I think are important to me, but also important to the journal or magazine or even book I’m targeting.

Many of the multipationals in the book mentioned that they never really formally “applied” for a job – in some cases, ever.  They just kind of fell into them.  But I don’t think it was falling, as much as it was putting one’s self out into the ether and being open to new opportunities.

So…baby steps.  If you’re just in one anchor day job but think you might want to create a multipational (even bi-pational) career for yourself–start with these two small items: 1. Check the contract with your day job and 2. Then put yourself out into the universe, network, and tell people you’re open to add-on projects and gigs.

You never know – you may be shaking off all the opportunities coming at you with a stick!


Multipationals: The Changing World of Work, and How to Create Your Best Career Portfolio

Monday, May 4th, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 8.03.34 PM

Multipationals: The Changing World of Work, and How to Create Your Best Career Portfolio by Erin L. Albert

‘Twas the night before a book launch…and all through the house.
Erin was scrambling – to get the URLs live on her website for…her new book.

Yeah, that didn’t rhyme.  Dr. Seuss is shaking his head somewhere.  But…you all get this first on the “wire” – link to the new book, Multipationals is here!  It’s also up on Amazon KindleHere is the press release.

Here are other interviews I did about this book: Pete the Planner, The Work Life Hub, and Pharmacy Podcast.  Also, thanks to John Krull at @WFYI’s NPR show, No Limits.  As well, Marianne at ARTxFM, and Abdul-Hakim Shabazz for chats on the air about it.

And yes, it’s also at B&N Nook, coming to iBooks, at Google ebookstore, etc.

I tried a few new things with this, my 9th original title book project:

1. OK, I know what you’re thinking: what the Hades is a “multipational”?  You may at this point be scratching your head on how I define “multipational,” since I kind of made it up.   Yeah, so I guess I’d better define here what I mean by that word I made up.

Well, in older posts, I kept commenting and refining what I think it means to be a multipational.  It’s someone who has multiple careers and gigs going on at the same time.  And, even cooler, while there may be different jobs or gigs in there, they all kind of go back to some type of career theme.  I argue this is different from the slash, in that slashes tend to compartmentalize their gigs on a calendar basis–multipationals have their multiple gigs going on around them all the time.  The term “slash” is commonly used in the business and career development literature.  However, I think the multipationals out there are a little different than the slashes.  Again – you’ll need to read the book to understand the differences.

The darker side of all of this is the growing ‘contingency’ workforce – just recently, a US GAO report found that 40% of the US workforce is contingent now.  Read it on Forbes and weep. Contingent means everything from part time work, to temp, to on call, to indie contractors who hustle up their own work.  One way to insulate against destabilization of a ‘steady day job’?  MULTIPATIONALISM!

2. It’s a shorter book.  Apparently, people aren’t reading as much these days, so I tried to cut to the chase.  I have real world multipationals in it in a variety of flavors – so readers will get a flavor of what it means without an overdose.

3. It took longer than I expected to publish.  Why?  Well, because I experimented with my own career as guinea pig in this book.  Did it ‘work’?  Was I successful?  Did I fail spectacularly?  Well, I guess you’ll have to buy a copy of it and officially find out for yourself. (Hint–I was just discussing Hemingway’s quote today on writing about what hurts.)  And, as a side bar bonus – the weird experiment I tried on myself involved pharmacy.  And I know there are a LOT of pharmacists out there shopping for interesting career paths – so all pharmacists out there should grab a copy of this book and consider a multipational career angle.

4. Cover art a la e.  I was lamenting to an artist friend of mine about not being able to find a fast and economical cover artist.  To which, he replied, “Why don’t you design your own cover?”  So, just like my first book on MSLs, I decided to go for it and take his advice.  So, if the art is bad – you can blame that on me.  (Don’t worry, I can take it.)  I did take the photo, and it has been officially entitled, “blur,” as our lives and careers these days seem to feel like one big blur.  But colorful!

5. E-book to start – As much as I love book books, I decided to get the first edition of this subject out in e format first.  Books are ongoing dialogues and conversations – so will I have a book book version of this title in the future?  There’s always a possibility of it! Besides, ebooks are frankly lower cost to get out there.  And, I know readers of my career books wants what is hot now – they don’t want to wait another 3-6 months for a paper edition of data that’s rotting on the vine.

So, there you have it, my peeps.  The 411 on the new book before the press release is out.  Before it’s even for sale at the major ebook retailers.  And regardless of whether or not you buy my latest ebook experience and experiment, THANK YOU for coming along with me on all these crazy book journeys.  It’s been a wild and amazing ride this past almost 10 years in writing and publishing.  Y-O-U made it worth getting on the roller coast for – mwah!