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Posts Tagged ‘pharmacy bills that passed from the Indiana General Assembly in 2017’

New Pharmacy and Healthcare Laws from the 2017 Indiana General Assembly Session

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-6-01-05-amIndiana Peeps of the Pharmacy and Healthcare Persuasions:

While the local Indianapolis news spent a lot of time on the really important news this week, like the controversies swirling around the Unicorn Frappuccino, it appears that the Indiana General Assembly was hard at work creating new statutes for all of us in health to follow this past session! Now that it’s over, officially, I wanted to take a looksie and see what will be changing soon, if not already, in the land of pharmacy, medicine, healthcare, and allied/public health.  Here’s what I found.  I haven’t read them all myself just yet, but… happy reading!

HEA 1019 – Controlled Substances – Looks like we have some new C-Is.

HEA 1278 – Cervical Cancer Prevention

HEA 1642 – Diabetes in Indiana

HEA 1308 – Various Professional Licensing Matters

SEA 175 – Healthcare Consent (sorry IGA, Healthcare is one word in my mind.)

SEA 549 – Health Record Information

SEA 112 – Hospital Police Departments – an interesting read if you work in a health system

SEA 303 – Direct Primary Care Agreements

SEA 392 – Emergency Medications (in schools)

SEA 497 – Medicaid Eligibility of Former Foster Children

SEA 499 – Opioid addiction

HEA 1069 – Immunizations for Higher Education Students

HEA 1273 – Network Provider Referrals

HEA 1336 – Department of Health Matters

HEA 1337 – Telemedicine Matters

HEA 1439 – FSSA Matters – Medicaid issues in here.

HEA 1148 – Cannabidiol and Treatment Resistant Epilepsy - (This bill is not yet signed by the gov as I write this on 4/25.)

HEA 1493 – Long Term Care and Home Health - (This bill is not yet signed by the gov as I write this on 4/25.)

HEA 1541 – Addiction Treatment Teams - (This bill is not yet signed by the gov as I write this on 4/25.)

SEA 59 – Professional Licensing - (This bill is not yet signed by the gov as I write this on 4/25.)

SEA 156 – Drug and Alcohol Treatment Reporting

SEA 243 – Substance Abuse Programs

SEA 404 – Abortion, child abuse, and human trafficking

SEA 510 – Substance Abuse Pilot Program

Legislators – if I missed any, do let me know so I can share it with my friends in health!  And actually, I did leave out a few. In fact, I left out the top 5 most important bills for pharmacists that were either passed this session, or sitting on Gov Holcomb’s desk right now, waiting for autographs.  

What are they, you ask?

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In the meantime, you have PLENTY to read above…!