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Play Like a Champion Today

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

I grew up in South Bend.  Yup, Notre Dame country.  Anyone who follows ND football already resonates with the title of this post. On the trip from the locker room to the football field, ND football has a sign that says “Play Like a Champion Today” that every football player touches before he enters the field.

I can’t stop thinking about this phrase as I read through Stephen Goldsmith’s new book in my previous post, The Power of Social Innovation.  I just got to the “secret sauce” section of the book, or what ingredients are necessary for a social innovation to truly be explosive and successful.  I’ll let you get the book on your own to find out ALL the ingredients of the secret recipe, but let’s just say that one of the key ingredients is…ready? A champion!  A high level, thoughtful, passionate person who could push the cause forward.

Is your town or city’s council or mayor passionate about what she or he does?  Are your leaders of your organizations?  Do you even know what they are passionate about?  If not, how can we know if they are championing the right causes that we care about?

Last but not least, are YOU playing like a champion today?  Are you thinking about or acting on a cause you are personally passionate about in order to make the world a better place?  That might mean studying for your finals (er, that I’m not doing so well at myself this weekend), or volunteering for a cause you dig, or just cleaning up your yard and neighborhood, as an example.  Try it.  You just might find success along the way too – and not only for you, but for bigger things that make your world even better!

ps.  This post I dedicate to the Butler Bulldogs today as they continue onward in the NCAA Championships. Even though ND men’s basketball didn’t fare well, I wish the Bulldogs to have the power to play like champions today too! Go Dawgs!