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We Interrupt the #STEMPrincess Project…

Friday, October 18th, 2013

…for another acclaimed episode of…Did the #STEMPrincess grow up and really live happily ever after?

Today, we feature Dr. Nichole Wilson at Community Health Network.  Hear her story, and remember – we can be what we can see!  Let’s make sure our girls and our boys are able to see all options for careers moving forward!

Studio (i) Interview: The #STEMPrincess Project Goes Across Indiana

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Really grateful to my friends over at Inside Indiana Business, who not only allowed us to discuss the plight of girls, STEM and Indiana in digital print, but now, VIDEO!  If the video link doesn’t take you directly to the #STEMPrincess video on Studio (i) – just look for the orange title of the book “The Amazing Adventures of the Princesses from Planet STEM.”

If the stats don’t disturb you after watching this video, I don’t know what will.  We should not rest until we’ve done what we can to get this book into the hands of girls across the state to get them fired up about STEM.  Please consider contributing to the project, and regardless, support girls and boys EVERYWHERE who are interested in learning more about STEM – encourage them wherever you go, and whatever you do.

Social Media Roundup: The #STEMPrincess Kickstarter Project

Monday, October 14th, 2013

AmazingAdventuresPrincessesPlanetSTEMWell, my fab 13, we’re almost half way through this Kickstarter shin dig – WOOT!  Forgive me for a moment with this post, but I must do a little herding of all the info on social media around this #STEMPrincess project, to have it nicely and neatly fit into one blog post – ready?  Here. We. Go!

The Kickstarter Site – where the magic happens, and where you can become an amazing Superstar STEM backer!

The Campaign within and behind the campaign – here’s where I post all the updates, and a few backer-only updates, like our campaign button program – for backers only.

PR on the Kickstarter program – at the launch.

All about the Princess Manifesto – both at the blog and prettied up at Slideshare – both as a slide set and as a one pager.

Inside Indiana Business Studio (i) video – on girls, Indiana and STEM.

Two infographics:
1. Indiana, Girls and STEM and
2. Girls and STEM – by the numbers.

Video 1 – Best part about the entire campaign
Video 2  - Why not STEAMED instead of STEM?

The STEM Princess Pinspiration board – #STEMPrincess

Slideshare page – all about why I’m doing this in the first place

STEM Princess Happily ever after video series:
1. Kristin Eilenberg – Lodestone Logic
2. Tasha Phelps – Phelco Technologics, Inc.
3. Dr. Nichole Wilson – Community Health Network
4. Dr. Julie Koehler – Butler University COPHS
5. Shelley Myers – Simplee Wellness 
6. Kate Gundlach – Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing

Inside Indiana Business’s Big Wigs and New Gigs Post on WHY we desperately need Girls to Engage in STEM in Indiana.

Pete the Planner’s radio show - original airdate – October 13, 2013 – 2nd hour.

The Local Lady of Richmond’s blog post on our project.

A piece I wrote for Drug Topics on why I’m doing this project, and why it is important.

The primary Twitter page @ErinLAlbert, and our extra special hashtag at Twitter, Vine, Instagram, etc – #STEMPrincess.

This may be a little bit of overkill, and of course, the haters are already coming out.  Haters gonna hate, but I don’t really give a damn.  Why?  Because girls aren’t winning in STEM in Indiana, and as a STEM professional and native Hoosier girl myself, I can’t let this problem go until we get more girls in Indiana fired up about STEM, and create a better future not only for local and national economies, but for my entire gender.

There you have it! More goodies will be coming, but I wanted to get them in one nice neat little package for you and me to keep track of.  If you’re one of our current almost 60 backers on this project, btw, THANK YOU for helping Hoosier girls.  If you’re not–we’re running out of time!

My Old Pal, Failure

Saturday, October 12th, 2013

Killer the power washer

The weather here in Indiana has been awesome lately.  Yesterday, I wanted to set aside the madness of the Kickstarter program for a moment and get my domesticity on by power washing and sealing the driveway – a biennial tradition that harsh winters require here in the Midwest.  So, I pulled out Killer the power washer.

Killer has been around for awhile in our family.  We were trying to think back how far, and for me, I was introduced to Killer at least 2 houses ago.  I didn’t name the power washer – my brother did.  And it’s a very scary day when a professional mechanic wants nothing to do with an engine, and my bro doesn’t want anything to do with Killer anymore, either.  That’s how old and bad this machine is.

After refueling and oiling Killer, he fired up after about 100 pulls on the engine, just before my right arm was ready to fall off.  I managed to get 2 sections of the driveway done, then Killer decided to die.  I realized as I poured more gasoline in him, it was running out the bottom as quickly as I was pouring it in.

Needless to say, I headed to the store to buy a new power washer.  Killer was retired to the end of the driveway, where he magically disappeared this morning, much to my elation.  (To the new acquirer of Killer – two items: 1. good luck with that and 2. don’t bring him back.)

Why am I telling you this?  Because this is yet another in a long stream of failures in my life.  When I saw Scott Adams was talking about Failure in WSJ today, I thought–what the heck, failure is my middle name!  Failure is also a key part of my new Princess Manifesto too.  We all need to get better with failure.  It’s inevitable, and it’s a great teacher.

So, chalk one more up to my old pal failure!

(And BTW, the driveway was power washed and completely sealed this morning–3 blisters and a splinter later…)

Princess, Redefined: A Manifesto

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

DakotaWhen I was little, and even to this day, I’m a sucker for a great princess story.  Who doesn’t love to watch a girl walk through a challenge and come out on the other end “happily ever after?”

But, when you first hear the word “princess,” what is the first word that pops into your head?  Is it pink…tulle…frilly…waiting to be saved…helpless…spoiled…wearing a crown…or something else?  When I posted this question on the Faceplace recently, I was blown away by all of our baggage (my own included) when it comes to the word.

The primary objective of my new book, The Amazing Adventures of the Princesses of Planet STEM is to introduce girls ages 5-9 to STEM careers—everything from computer programming to physics and many STEM careers in between.  However, I have a secondary objective in this book as well:

I want to redefine what it means to be a princess.

There have been other attempts to redefine what it means to be a princess.  Ironically, Disney themselves created this video, which I think moves more toward what it really SHOULD mean to be a princess.  Did they go far enough?  I don’t think so.  Sometimes, being kind and nice isn’t enough – princesses sometimes have to make unpopular decisions because they are the right things to do. Princesses need to speak up and be heard, too.  Consider the film Brave–as an example of princesses moving toward a new definition—the film took several years to finally see the silver screen, and there were even efforts after the film to make Merdia “prettier.”

I’m not quite sure we’re there yet with the best definition of a princess.

However, since the word itself has so many connotations and baggage attached to it (positive, negative, and somewhere in between), I thought it was time to write a manifesto on what a princess SHOULD or COULD be, not necessarily what everyone may conjure up on the idea of the word.  After all, the saying goes, “Own it. Or it owns you.” right?  So, why not try and own it!

Here goes.

Princess, Redefined: A Manifesto

1.  Being a princess isn’t about a look, a dress, a color, a crown, tiara, or a prince.  Being a princess instead is a state of mind.  Each is rare, glorious, and one-of-a-kind.

2.  A princess never seeks perfection, because she realizes there is no perfection.  Instead, she seeks excellence—in herself, and helps others to find their own inner excellence.

3.  A princess is pleasantly persistent, fierce, and 100% authentic, even if her authenticity isn’t popular or mainstream.  She listens to her gut.

4.  A princess zealously and passionately advocates for herself and others, especially when others cannot advocate for themselves.

5.  A princess welcomes challenges as opportunities to learn and shares knowledge with others, even when she is trying something for the first time, and even when she is scared.

6.  A princess isn’t afraid of failure.  Instead, she seeks out failure as an opportunity to learn and become a better person.  She believes that nothing is really a failure anyway, if she tried her hardest to make something happen and learned along the way.

7.  A princess flexibly collaborates, experiments with and embraces change, and can also work independently.

8.  A princess is adventurous, curious, creative, resourceful, and intrinsically motivated to make the world a better place.

9.  A princess is vulnerable, but she is not weak.  Admitting, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out” does not make her weak. It makes her strong.  It makes her even stronger when she DOES find out and follows up.

10. A princess seeks out different points of view, people who inspire, and diversity of opinion and debate in order to create positive change in the world.

11.  A princess realizes that no one is coming to rescue her.  She must save herself.


What do you think?