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Backtrack: More Things Newly Licensed Pharmacists Should Do

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

OK, I received a nice email from a fellow pharmacist, Mark, last week before the crazy of the 21 Flavors meeting hit (crazy in a good way, of course) but – I got distracted writing a piece for a national publication on that meeting, which I hope will hit in September, the PR for it (which is here if you’re interested), and another piece for my August post over at SheTaxi.  Anyway, I wanted to go back to Mark’s comments.

He replied to me about my post on 5 things new pharmacists should do.  He also gave me three additional items below that I thought were pretty good to mention as well, and things I didn’t really think of immediately, so I asked if he was cool to share them, and he was – so here they are, verbatim:

3 More Things A Newly Licensed Pharmacist Should Do: (By Mark)

1.) Find a hobby or interest that is totally unrelated to pharmacy and pursue it. Maybe it’s poetry, music, gardening, watercolor, or woodworking, etc. But something that has nothing to do with pharmacy. There will come a time in your career, when you’ll really need an escape from pharmacy. You don’t know it now, but you will. You’ll need some friends or acquaintances who know nothing about pharmacy, or care to know. Don’t talk pharmacy to them. Just be friends on a different level. Someday they will be your savior!

2.) Find an older pharmacist you like, and talk with them about things that bother you. Maybe over a cup of coffee, or on a walk, or anywhere away from the pharmacy.  As a young grad, you will see things about many older pharmacist that will discourage you. You will think to yourself, that you don’t want to be like them, but unless you’re careful you will. The pharmacist who’ve meant the most to me, were not the ones who freely offered advice on every subject, but rather those older, quieter ones, who just did their jobs with a pleasant attitude day after day. Getting to know them took an effort on my part, but I’m so glad I did. The good ones, won’t come to you, you’ll have to seek them out. It’s awkward at first, but so worth it!

3.) Determine that you will always try to help people. I know this sounds simple and obvious, but it’s not easy. Actually it’s very hard at first, especially for young grads.It takes a conscious decision of the mind. There will be times when your customers will ask you to stay late, or deliver something to them, or help them find something unrelated to pharmacy. I work with people who say “that isn’t my job”. They make fun of me for going out of my way to help others. Young grads want to establish themselves as people who are in charge, but doing it the wrong way can ruin your life. Commit to being a servant in your daily practice and it will pay a lifetime of dividends.

The price you pay for a superior attitude is everything you have. You’ll become bitter and entitled. Being around those kinds of people is uncomfortable to me. They treat me as if I’m doing a disservice to our customers by spoiling them. But these customers have written me many notes and cards of thanks, and brought cakes and cookies, and brought their babies by to show them off, etc. Sometimes after helping them on the floor, they want to shake my hand and say “thank you, you were so helpful”. Shaking hands is a dirty habit I don’t like, (I keep hand sanitizer in my pocket) but it’s their way of saying “what you did was right” and I so appreciate it. So determine right from the start that you will lay down your pride and life for those you serve. If you try to hold on to it through arrogance and pride, you’ll lose it. This admonition from the greatest servant who ever lived is so important! Be a pharmacist, but do it with a servant’s heart. It will make all the difference in your career.”

Good advice.  Mark’s right.  So, I guess now there’s 8 things you need to do if you’re a freshly minted pharmacist.
Get to it!

On Rocking Your Closet

Monday, July 15th, 2013

I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually feel like a rock star…when I walk into my closet.

If you do, look away.

But, if you’re like me, read on about my two part interview with Scarlett De Bease of Scarlett Image over at Shetaxi.  Part one and part two are both posted.


Tell Us About Yourself…

Monday, August 1st, 2011

I must confess, this isn’t the easiest question to answer in an interview – is it?  How does one articulate who they are?

It’s a toughie – especially for those entering the working world for the very first time, OR people who are in transition.  BUT–fear not!  Thanks to SheTaxi, they gave me a shot at sharing with you my 5 favorite tests to let you know who you are and share it with the universe.  Yes, you already know who you are, most likely, but the sharing part can be a challenge.

Even for the pharmacy students, this isn’t always the easiest question to tackle.  BUT–I hope it helps you figure out and explain (without getting the puppets out) who YOU are!  Because, my friends, that will get the crazy stuff out of the way and get you to what it is that you REALLY can do – make the world a better place, BECAUSE you can show us your best stuff!

Let’s keep it fierce and fabulous out there today, peeps!  Happy Monday.

Go Ahead, Make My Day

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

My day was officially just made.

Let’s back up for a backgrounder: wrote two articles for the blogosphere on social business and social enterprise this week.  One below at Inside Indiana Business on getting entrepreneurs and people in general to think through and grow social business.  The other at SheTaxi, on why we should support social business from the consumer side.

OK:  I certainly didn’t write either article for the money.  I did it because I want us to all start rethinking how business is done in this country and around the world.  But my big pay off came today from a random fan, who I didn’t know until today, when she sent me the following Facebook message:

“I just read your article in the Inside Indiana Business newsletter.  I read the Perspectives everyday and I must say that your article was the most informative and useful article that I have read in over 2 years (since I subscribed). I just wanted to give you kudos…”

Guess what?  I just got paid for writing those two articles, big time.  This fan went on to say that she started her own business and wants to get around others like-minded.

Booyah.  Score.  This is my payoff.  Why?  Because if we can get more people thinking about starting and growing businesses (social, or not) we’re going to get this country out of the hole that it is in, period.

This person made my day.  And better yet, if we can get her supported with the things, ideas, and resources she needs to succeed in her business, that’s even better!

Whatcha working on?

Friday, June 17th, 2011

I get this question a lot.  Here are some of the top writing projects I’m working on of late.  If you have thoughts or feedback on any of them, of course, you know where you can get me.

Writer, SheTaxi – an awesome, POSITIVE portal of inspirational stuff for women, it has been an honor and pleasure working for Peggy Paul and her team taxi ladies!  I look forward to being a guest blogger for them in the months to come.

The MSL Guide, 2nd eBook edition – two forces around this one: 1. ebooks have officially taken over hardcopy books in terms of sales, and 2. people have been telling me for years I must. Do. Follow up on this book.  So, my MSL fans will get both – the book in eReader format AND bonus material, answering the #1 question I get as a consultant to the aspiring and current MSLs of the world.  What is that question?  Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out!

FTE-PTEs – This book. Is. Cranking.  It’s odd as I’ve shared before, that once you set your intent for a book (or any project, really) with the universe, it completely unfolds for you and brings you what you need.  This book will rock, because this is what the future of work will look like in this country.  I am stoked to share the stories of the interviewees from this one.

Children’s Pharmacy Book Project at Butler – this one isn’t out in the media much…yet.  But it will be very soon.  You get a sneak preview since you come here first to get the scoop.  We have 9 students from 3 different colleges working on an AMAZING project–to develop a children’s book about pharmacy!  Although I’m not writing this one, the idea came to me from several conversations with my co-workers at Butler.  The students have drafted concepts and they are equally awesome.  Big voting is due today on how to proceed on the project, and I can’t wait to see the results.

I have a few other writing tricks up my sleeve too.  FINALLY going to attend a writer’s conference next week, BizBookLab 2011, and see the world famous Powell’s books while I’m out in Portland (better late than never).  My only big fear is that I’ll fall in love with the city and the bookstore and never leave.

So, that’s what I’m working on.  What are YOU working on???  I look forward to hearing about it!

Some SWEet Reviews: Single. Women. Entrepreneurs.

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Big time reviews out this week and recently on the new book!  Thanks to:

Dan Pink – his blog has a good review of 14 points of advice from our SWEs.

Adriana Gardella – reporter/blogger at the NY Times – her review of several new books on entrepreneurship!

And the classic from Jeff Cornwall - blogger/professor at the Entrepreneurial Mind.

Congrats to the women and their businesses in the book!

The Icepocalypse: Not Freezing Out the Single Women Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Life goes on – even during this icepocalypse we are having here in the Midwest.  Since I lucked out and don’t have to go out in it – for work or school today, I thought I’d take a cozy moment to share with you how you can get involved in the next book launch for Single. Women. Entrepreneurs.!  Here goes:

1.  Facebook – we have a page for the launch party and for the book itself. You can track what we are up to at these pages if you like.

2.  Twitter - yup, we’ve even created a list you can follow: @yuspie/singlewomenentrepreneurs, to track the women in the book and their own business/twitter feeds.  You’ll find these women to be working on fun, exciting things!

3.  LinkedIn – yes, we even have a group on linked in for single women entrepreneurs.  Just go to, click “groups” on the drop down menu, and type in single women entrepreneurs.  We’re there!

4.  Last but not least, I would ask that you please consider doing business with these women and their businesses.  The things I discovered with this group of women were good, but also very different from the “traditional” forms of business.  The future of business is changing right in front of our eyes, and these women are a beacon of it.  Please support them if you can, because they’re the future!