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Never. Stop. Shining.

Sunday, March 25th, 2018

trepbookcoversI’ve had an awesome week.

But, I’ve also had a butt-kicking week.

One of the questions I kept getting asked at SXSW was – “How do I stop getting people to see me in only one way, as a _____?”

(The blank = typically what your first profession was, or your first major in college.)

First off, this is kind of the generalist vs. the specialist argument that I’ve often described here before. Second, people love to put other people in nice compartments – that’s probably why the Container Store is so wildly popular. We like to make things simple and neat.

Sorry, but life is not simple and neat. And the most interesting people often aren’t simple.

Third, many with the indoctrination of ONE JOB FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE (the very old concept of the industrial revolution) may not ever understand that people have to have MULTIPLE careers ongoing now – not just one. ONE JOB IS DANGEROUS, because what if that ONE JOB goes away overnight?

The other challenge the SXers often asked about was “How can I do multiple things in my career?”

That’s actually easier. You simply make time for the things you care about.

Yes, you have to get a day job to feed your bank account and bills. Sometimes, you get lucky and you can also feed your soul at your day job. But, if you can’t, you still have 8 hours every day to do something that feeds the latter. Maybe you won’t get paid in $. But, your spiritual capital will benefit. Or, better yet, you can learn key skills while doing passion projects that can lead you into being paid for them in a gig later on.

The bottom line with both of these questions: never stop being you. Shine on. If the rest of the world tries to put you in one nice little box because they comprehend that you can only do ONE thing, that’s their problem, not yours. Second, know that you’re not alone, if you’re out there reinventing yourself, or your career, or juggling a lot of different things. It’s OKAY to want to do more and grow in your life…to try new things. In fact, you’re now in the majority. And those box putters with ONE job are going to have a very, VERY rude awakening soon…

Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later

Monday, January 1st, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 9.16.15 AMHappy New Year!

I wanted to kick the new year off right and talk about the new book I have coming 1Q18, entitled Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later.

First, I wrote two other editions of a book called: Single. Women. Entrepreneurs. ironically more than 5 years ago now. It all stemmed from a report from the Kauffman Foundation (also several years ago), which looked at gender, marital status and entrepreneurship. In that report, the one place where women started more businesses than men was a tiny chart which contained a breakdown by gender and marital status.

The winning category for women? Single women! But, there wasn’t much more of an explanation in the report than that tiny table. So, I set out to find my own cadre of single women and ask them about their businesses, and most important WHY they started them.

The books were released, and were shared in several venues – like The New York Times, NPR, the BBC,, even Forbes had a shout out on the SWEs.

Of course, with 2017 and now 2018 being the years for women (finally) starting to gain some prominence in world leadership, I wanted to follow back up with the ladies who were brave enough to appear in the first two additions of this book. So, I did it. And, our communities over at Facebook and LinkedIn have now grown to over 3,000 people who love our SWEs too! We have women in the book who have wildly different businesses – from retail, service, consulting and side hustles.

The book is officially coming out 1Q18, but you can reserve your copy in advance now. This time, I’m running a small print run of books for presale, and once they’re gone, the book will only be available in Kindle version. You can reserve your limited edition hardcopy now at a discount, here. Those who pre-order will get the book first.

It has been an honor to share the women’s stories in this book series, and most important, I think 2018 WILL be the year of the woman…but most of all, for the ladies’ accomplishments; not the actions of egregious men (#MeToo). This is my wish for the new year, and through this book project, we hope to share with the world the amazing work these women are doing and have done in building their businesses, and their lives.

This Tiny Blog’s Media Kit

Saturday, January 7th, 2017

I’ve been quiet – I know. I’m over here trying to get my 2017 groove on.  But the first week was full of challenges.

Anyway, several people have asked me for a list of my services now, so I thought it was time to put together a one sheet media kit on my wares.  It is now here: Media Kit – 2017 from Erin L. Albert, MBA, PharmD, JD, PAHM
I’m still over here working hard to help out my fellow and lady pharmacy and healthcare career kind through various channels and by various means.  One way that I’m working on right now is the spring mastermind class, which you can query by completing this form. And this may be the only mastermind I run in 2017, because I’ve got a few books and other projects to crank out, in addition to awesome gigs and conferences to attend (like HIMSS, and SXSW this quarter).
Regardless, I love helping healthcare professionals re-think their career development.  After all, we are now working and living in an economy where the employers don’t care about your career development.  Only you have the power to make your career go vrooommmmm… what are you waiting for?
Let’s work together!
Happy 2017.

My Top 10 List: 4Q16

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

fall-autumn-red-seasonMy Fellow Americans and Earthlings:

First of all, I already voted.  That ought to get me some type of free blocker of all political ads until the election on my channels.

That aside, here’s some stuff I’ve been and will be working on for 4Q16.

1.  Pharmacy Listening & Reading Survey for 2017 – I can’t write and podcast unless I know what the audience wants – so behold, a place where you can give me feedback on what I should write and speak about for the pharmacy podcast and other writings for 2017.  It’s open until 10/31, and instead of not sharing the data, I am going to send an exec summary to ALL who ask for it when completing the survey, because I’m cool like that and NOT a data hoarder…

2.  SWE3 – Yup, started interviews for the 5 year anniversary, 3rd edition of Single. Women. Entrepreneurs., coming in 2017!  I can’t WAIT to hear what these amazing women have been up to over the past 5 years.

3. Indiegogo campaign for the S(He) Says Guide to Mentoring – The campaign is coming soon.  The book is arriving in 2017.  Follow the faceplace page link above for that magic.  While I’ve set up mentoring programs for women in the past, and mentored more than a big share of students, this is the first time I’m writing a book specific to mentoring, and collaborating with one of MY mentors, Dr. David Borst.

4. PowerPak article on the DQSA – is now here – yay!  This one was a couple of years in the making (kind of like the DQSA itself) – shoutout to my colleague, Dr. Angela Ockerman, for co-piloting with me on this.

5. 5 Roads of Retail Pharmacy Love – is on its way – part 1 is published, parts 2-5 coming soon! Regardless, it’s a long overdue love note to my first pharmacy gig, retail! Oh, and the fellow is on top of the new mini series over at pharmacy podcast coming on residencies vs. fellowships and prepping for Midyear.  Here’s a mini quiz you can take if you’re not sure yourself as a P4 which way you should go! (Take it in Chrome – it doesn’t play nicely with Safari, for some reason…)

6. HBA Indiana – I’m running for President. (Not POTUS.) Instead, I’m running for HBA Indiana President for 2017.  It’s time for me to get back out there and understand what’s going on in healthcare at the state and regional levels, AND help other young and mid-career women make their career marks! It also fits into the fact that I’ve been tracking women at the helm of pharmacy and healthcare companies in the US, and we’re not making enough progress.  Also, I started a Health IT company list for Indiana – why oh why no one had a list before I find baffling.  This will take me some time to develop–but hey, at least it is started!

7. Midway on the fall Masterminds – have a sign up list for spring if you’ve been shopping for a writing or pharmacy career coach!

8. ASPL - pharmacy, meet law. Law, meet pharmacy.  The two meet up at the American Society for Pharmacy Law, which will meet up in Austin, TX in a couple of weeks.  Of all the career paths I’ve studied, THIS group has the weirdest and most out of the box careers I’ve seen to date.  Got my new book out on pharmacy law in IN, and have new talks coming up this fall on pharmacy law – yay!

9. Plotting 2017 –  Now that SXSW is off the table, I’m definitely thinking about the freaky meetings I can head to in 2017.  I’m thinking podcasting, blogging, social media, self publishing and maybe a few others….we’ll see.  Regardless, it’s good to have a plan for the coming year!

10. Other – I know what you’re thinking… “Hey, Albert – where’s the #STEMPrincess4 book?”  It’s still here, it’s just cued up for 2017.  I figured I needed to get a few books ahead of it finished before I dove full time into that project. Besides, I’m still shopping for a sponsor for book 4.  I can’t blow this series into the ginormous brand it could be alone! So, if you’re reading this and want to help out with #STEMPrincess series, hit me up via twitter or social.  And until 11/15/16, we’ve got the Myers and Stauffer Pharmaceutical Pricing Fellowship and APPE rotation applications up – come work with me next year and see all the magic!!!!!

That’s all I’ve got for right now. Much love to you out there – I hope you “fall” into an amazing…autumn!

More on…the Future of Work

Saturday, March 19th, 2016

So…on the future of work.  Here are some things you may want to read/listen to/or watch.  What inspired this post was a talk I gave this week at Women & Hi Tech on this subject.  Here are the slides.

1. Originals – book on creativity.  And creativity is going to be in the top 3 skills needed by employers by 2020. Of course Brene Brown has great books on creativity, and Gilbert’s newest book is on creativity too.  All of these are good.

2. The Future of Work Podcast – I’m a big fan of this one. Also listen to it on Stitcher.

3. The World Economic Forum – have a lot of white papers and research about the future of…a lot of topics.

4. Slideshare – believe it or not, Slideshare is a great place to get ideas on topics before they become books.

5. Of course – a few of the books I mentioned on the future of work, Multipationals, Plan C and Single Women Entrepreneurs.  All 3 provide different ways of viewing your future career.

The changes are coming.  If you haven’t been affected by them yet, you will be soon.  By reading or listening to the above, you’ll be better off with advanced warning…

Jolly Good

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Thanks to BBC World News for covering the new book and caring about the Single Women Entrepreneurs!  Listen around 11:00 for the interview.

And a special shout out of thanks to the local public television/radio station, WFYI, who was kind enough to help me plug in to Justin at the BBC across the pond for the interview in the first place!

Driven…The Butler Way

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Enjoy the post over at today – and Go. Dawgs!!!!!!

The Ladies of Page 265

Monday, February 7th, 2011

So, tonight, got the first batch of books for Single. Women. Entrepreneurs.  YAY!  I always love tearing open the first box of books – it is truly a super cool moment in the life of a writer.

And, I decked out the book launch kits tonight for the ladies IN the book (they each get a copy) but I also sent a couple of copies out into the universe to some of my personal ladies of page 265.

What’s on page 265, you might ask?  Well, you’re just going to have to read the book and find out.  But there’s some pretty big names on my own personal list of women on page 265…if you ever want to know who they are, just ask.

Thanks to NAWBO National for featuring this book in their online publication to all their members this week, Focus!  I’ve been trying to pare down my organizations this year, because I don’t have time for them.  However, NAWBO is one of the last I’d ever let go.  Why?  Simply because they HELP other women who dare to start businesses.  It’s gutsy and takes moxy to start and run a business, and NAWBO gets it!

Last but not least, one of the youngest single women entrepreneurs in the book, Becky Ruby of lilly lane flowers was kind enough to post her thoughts on being part of the book on her own blog, which you can read here. Don’t let her fool you, either.  She knows what she’s doing.  I think ALL the women in the book know what they’re doing, except maybe for the author of it.  (Yes, moi.)

But that’s OK.  That’s part of the writing experience for me.  I get to learn and then share my learning with the world.  That’s a personal mark of success to me – being able to have the ability to learn and share, and I’m so EXCITED to host this book launch party and bring these amazing women together.  It will truly be a once in a lifetime event!

If you read the book and get to page 265, I’d be curious to know who your own women are of the page. Shoot me an email and let me know!