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What Stuck with Me from #SMDames14

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

First off, and on a somber note, I want to state that while my head is here at home, my heart and my spirit are with my friend, E, in New York.  Hang in there, lady.  I’m with you in spirit today and this week.

Second, I attended the second of (in a hopefully long, long series) the Social Media Dames Unconference in Ft. Wayne, IN (#SMDames14), hosted by Ash Brokerage today.  Here’s what stuck with me.

Best new social media widget to tryTrello.  Seriously – if I can eliminate lists on post-its, I’m all about that in my life.

Gadget I knew, but have been on the fence about tryingBuffer.  On one hand, it’s cool to prep posts and let ‘em cook.  On the other hand, what if something in the real world happens?  I feel a little better about how to manage this now with Buffer, so I may cue it up soon.

SM Most likely to pruneFaceplace.  Sorry, Zuck, but there was a lot of buzz today about taking a “Facebook Holiday” at the event.  We’re all tired of seeing how awesome everyone’s lives are AND seeing the stream out of order.  Seriously, if I want to see the most recent posts, I want to see the most recent posts! Not popular stuff only. Next…

Freshest ideaBlog to Book.  I kind of did this with my law school book (at least as a Kindle book) – but @emdt had a great idea on taking a set of blog posts and making it a physical book.  There’s printing like at LuLu, or of course the ebook is an option.  Rock on. I dig.

New thing we tried – a ‘what stuck with me’ board.  You can see the photo over at my instagram stream.  I hacked through some ideas on it – but honestly, we need to get someone who can draw out the discussions for #SMDames14Indy2 this fall.  Also heard that instagram and faceplace are merging one of these days, of course since Zuck bought ‘em out.

Other gadgety SM stuff we used or discussed today – Google presentations, tinyurl, and

What I discussed – Adobe Voice.  It’s like the best of Adobe without all the complication.  (BTW, my slides on it are here.)

Another fine day of #socialmedia learning at its finest.  But, as the first #SMDames13 did, it just leaves me wanting to know more.

Last but not least, thanks to all the sponsors, presenters, host (Ash Brokerage), and attendees today.  From the cupcakes to lunch to the knowledge shared in a fun, easy spirited atmosphere, it’s exactly what the doctor ordered for a girl like me today!

#SMDames14 – 6/24/14 – Ft. Wayne – for Women and Social Media

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Follow Amy Stark’s board Social Media Dames on Pinterest.

See this cool little Pinterest widget up on this post above this text?  That, along with a million other little tiny ideas I’ve picked up from attending and networking with the fabulous social media dames from #SMDames13 and soon to be (tomorrow) #SMDames14!  I LOVE learning about the power of social media from these gals, and cannot wait for tomorrow!

I’ll be talking about my new little pal, Adobe Voice.  Others are talking about an array of social media tools that we can all go home, think about, and reapply to our businesses and our lives, in order to share our stories.

If you’re a gal seeking social media nirvana and in Indiana, OH or anywhere near Ft. Wayne tomorrow, you should join us, here’s the link to the tickets….I think we still have a few left.

I have the privilege of attending a lot of training courses throughout the year, but of all of them, this is one I always look forward to the most.

See (some of you) tomorrow!

One. Great. Day.

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

I’m beat, admittedly – but we held #SMDames13 today–and wow.  All I can say was…it was awesome. It was one of the best conferences I participated in, and one of the best projects I worked on during my sabbatical.  There were women there who were novices (myself included) in social media, all the way through to experts and rockstars in social media.  I learned a ton.  I also learned a ton about not only social media, but how to run a meeting from my co-pilot on this adventure, Ms. Amy Stark.

Above all, I forged some great new relationships–and equally important, connected with some people in the first world that I only had been connected to in the social media world previously.  There definitely were George-Costanza-worlds-colliding-moments for me today, but I’m really glad – it was a day full of beautiful connecting moments.

I’m getting ready to relax and fall into a deep, (hopefully restful) sleep – and I’m going to start reading a book, Almost Isn’t Good Enough, that my new friend Dana M. Nelson gave me at the conference today.  Her hash tag and story at the event was #YouMatter.  She reminded us that even though we’re all awesome, that we need to give each other props and remind each other that we’re awesome.  We still need to hear it.

So, my 13 fans of this blog – I’m here to thank you for watching, and know that you matter.  You’re awesome.  And of all things, it took a conference on digital media to remind me that, at the end of the day, we’re all just social creatures, and that we all matter.

Using the Force of the Internet

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

I was a kid of the late 70s and early 80s, so I always go back to Star Wars analogies when pushed – this post will be no exception.

Obviously, I’ve got a lot of social media on the brain right now, T minus 2 days and counting before #SMDames13 (which, by the way, I cannot wait until)!  Social media, and the internet in general are tools that can be used just like the force in Star Wars – for good or evil.

One thing I know for sure: neither is going away any time soon.  As one of my (law) mentors told me (of all professionals–one doesn’t think of lawyers as on the cutting edge of anything electronic), “you might as well own it, rather than it owning you.” She’s so right!

This is how important I think reaching out and utilizing these channels have become: that I’m actually putting together a course proposal for Social Media and Healthcare.  I think it is time.  For several reasons–namely that there are finally some decent books out on the subject, but more importantly, to my law mentor’s point: we need to start owning our social media presence, or it will own us.  So, if working on #SMDames13 has taught me anything, it has taught me that we ALL need to start paying attention to who we are online, as much as who we are offline.  There’s now, effectively, two of us out there running around–one offline, and one online!

I’ll leave you on this social media/internet big idea with a little story: through the power of the internet, I just reached out and sent a quick thank you to the author of Kickstarter for Dummies, which was a quick yet effective little read I did prior to and during my own Kickstarter campaign for #STEMPrincess.  Not only did she reply, but she posted this kudos on her blog.  The moral of the story: guess who has the power to make someone’s day through social media and/or the internet?

Yup, Y-O-U.  So what are you waiting for?  If you’ve found or used something in the last 5 days that someone else wrote or published or put out there to share, have you thanked them for their help?  If not, why not?

You have the power to make someone’s day through the force – take advantage of it.  Luke did.  So can we!

The Train To Awesometown Really Does Go Through Suckville–ALL ABOARD!

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

To the fab 13 regular readers of my tiny little blog – you already heard me say this, but I said it again today in our local paper - that the train to Awesometown really does go through Suckville.  That is, (especially for my sisters out there on this one), we have to embrace sucking at everything before we master it.  Rarely, if ever, do we naturally become excellent at something without a lot of hard work and dedication to whatever it is we truly want to master right out of the gate.

And, while I’m no grande dame at social media, it’s an excellent example of a tour through to Awesometown that’s happening next week, between myself (a social media neophyte) and some sisters of Indiana REALLY rocking social media as part of #SMDames13!  I’m REALLY pumped about this event, because I think it will help ALL women of Indiana start sharing their stories on (somewhat intimidating) social media channels moving forward.  And when women in a state only make between 59-64 cents of what men make per dollar, the only way we’re going to get closer to closing the pay gap is by showing women what other women are already rocking, and how to get there.

That being said, I certainly did NOT create #SMDames13 solo – it was put together by many amazing women and sponsors locally – including my partner in crime on this event, Ms. Amy Stark of Stark ReAlity Check, and our awesome advisory council full of women already doing a bajillion things, including rocking social media – Tiffany Benedict Berkson of Historic Indianapolis, Crystal Grave of Snappening, Dana M. Nelson, a rockstar and educator in social media, and Lorraine Ball of Roundpeg.

Next, our sponsors who also helped us make this event possible–we could NOT have done this without you!

Stark ReAlity Check - Amy’s amazing company, of course!
Miles Printing on Plastics – a Certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise with the city of Indianapolis AND the state of Indiana!
Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick – who continues to be PRO women in the state of Indiana!
Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering – who will be sharing her own story on immigrating to the US at our event!
Just Pop In – sharing with our dames popcorn flavored with Hoosier Mama’s Bloody Mary Mix!
Ever Film Productions
Faith Blackwell Photography
U-Relish Farm
Indy Boomer Magazine and
Real Scene TV
Ruby Law

Last, but certainly not least – I have to thank the 50+ women who dared to sign up for this inaugural event.  Our 18 speakers will be awesome, but we couldn’t have started this shindig without our brave audience.  (We are, by the way, on a waitlist for tickets – but we are dedicated to having a full house and will move women up on this list should anyone cancel…)

The holidays are launching even more special than ever this year – because we’re hosting this event next Thursday.  I can’t think of a better time to have this event as well – I’m so grateful that all these amazing people are willing to step up and help the women of Indiana share their stories with the universe.  THANKS TO ALL – and see you 11/21/13!

Competition: Men v. Women

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

I’m working on this #SMDames13 Unconference here in Indy for November along with Amy Stark to help women learn how to tell their stories through social media in Indiana.  An interesting article Amy posted on our Faceplace page about women and competition basically left me…disturbed.  Here’s why.

It appears, in this article, that women who compete are automatically branded as “mean.”  However, do men who compete get this automatic label as well?  Absolutely not.  In fact, men are heroes if they compete.  What was disturbing about this article was that women who choose to compete are automatically branded as “bitches.”

I think this is one of the fundamental problems why genders aren’t equal in leadership positions in this country (among others, and there are many, many others).  Women are culturally taught NOT to compete for many reasons–it isn’t a ‘feminine’ characteristic, we are thought of more positively if we smile and stay silent, and yes, because women who compete are automatically branded as bitches and/or mean.  I’ll take this a step further: I think the reasons why male professional sports dominate the US culturally is because men are encouraged to be competitive, whereas women aren’t–it’s not feminine for women to compete–even at the professional sports level.

In order to get equal in leadership helms with gender in the U.S., we MUST get over this cultural perception if we want to be equal.  Women who compete should not automatically be branded as mean, as bitches, or as any other negative stereotype.  Furthermore, men shouldn’t automatically be branded as heroes if they choose to compete either.  Instead, let’s just support those who dare to compete.  Let’s celebrate those who dare to stick their necks out–men or women.  Let’s not automatically assume that women or men are good or bad if they compete – let’s just celebrate that they, in fact, want to compete….and leave it at that.

Game on.


Monday, October 7th, 2013

Why do I feel like I’m in the middle of a campaign?  Well, because I kind of am in the middle of a campaign.  But instead of campaigning for myself, I’m campaigning for women and girls in the state of Indiana and everywhere.

I shared with my friend Abdul of this morning when he was interviewing me about these subjects that I feel like I’m the Don King of women and girls right now.  But you know what? I’ve got NO PROBLEM with getting women and girls into the spotlight.  Zero problems whatsoever.


Because we need more girls moving into stable careers for themselves (i.e. STEM), where they can SAVE themselves by having great lives without needing a man.  They can earn closer to dollar for dollar what a man makes in this country in a STEM career, and they can be ultimately, independent.

Because we need more women speaking their voices and sharing their stories to inspire other women to great heights – to leadership positions and to places we’ve never been before.  We can be what we can see.

When Abdul and I were talking this morning, I think we nailed a lot of the problems with both women and girls on the head when talking about social media.  Social media is a vehicle to debate, disrupt and potentially divide (in some cases).  However, women and girls are taught that they shouldn’t debate.  They shouldn’t discuss, and they definitely should NOT disrupt.

Maybe that’s why I love social media and see it as a force for good – not only for the technical aspects, but more for the cultural challenge and call to women and girls through social media.  Ladies, it’s TIME to discuss, debate, disrupt and yes, in some cases, even divide.  Because that’s called DEMOCRACY.  That’s what this country was founded on and by and for.

It’s TIME to step up and be fierce.  We can do it – we have the mic (social media) we just need to cue the music and start singing that tune!!!  And maybe, just maybe if we start singing, speaking and sharing our opinions, our world can be a better place.  Let’s face it – we could use the help!

p.s. The Indypolitics article will be up later this week.

A Little Mad, A Little Scared

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

photoHello, compadres!

First, I have to vent a little.  Right now, after spending the bulk of my office day on drafting a contract, I’m a little perturbed.  Mainly at my law school, because guess how many contracts I was required to draft during law school?

Yup. One. Uno. That’s it.

I should have had more contract drafting in law school.  I’ll say it.  I think I just did.

I wish they would have had a ‘moot transaction contract draft’ course.  I think I may have been decent at it, but now.  Or, maybe that third year could have been spent actually writing more?  I’ll never know now.  I just have to keep plugging through icky dirty work until I get it figured out.  Thankfully, I have peeps on my side who can help me through the quagmire.  I’d rather be creating art than contracts.  Wow. I think I just said that out loud too.

Now, my second feeling of the day.

I’m also scared.


I’m scared that the Social Media Dames Unconference (#SMDames13 if you want to follow the hashtag over at the tweeting place) is selling out a little too quickly.  I tried to send out a heads up on the registration to my friends right after the press release went out yesterday, but I’m a little concerned that this event is going to max out at capacity sooner than I originally thought.

I suppose that’s a good problem to have, but I want my sisters to get in line first – so here’s the link to tickets one more time, if you’re so inclined to learn more about women rocking social media in Indianapolis on 11/21/13…ssshhhhh.  The faceplace page is filling up too.

This is a good problem to have.

Now, I’m going back to the icky contract.

No pain, no gain!

Social Media Dames 13 – An Unconference

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Well, so you all know that I’m on sabbatical.  But that doesn’t mean I’m sitting around catching up on cable TV.  (OK, I did a little with HBO’s freemium weekend – thanks for the free viewing of Argo and The Life of Pi.)

Anyway…I’m here to announce the first of MANY amazing pet projects I’m juggling this fall.  This one happens to be with a crowd of fierce females in social media here in the state of Indiana!  PR is over at the other site, and here’s the link to the registration if you’re fierce female and want to learn more about social media yourself. You can also feel free to like our faceplace page.

Better hurry – the space is going to fill up rocket fast!