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10 Things I Love Right Now

Saturday, July 16th, 2016

heartWith all the hate, fear and vitriol floating around the universe and the internet right now, especially politically, (my thoughts are with you, Nice) I thought I’d try out the law of attraction and post 10 things I love right now, in order to bring me and the universe more good stuff, and less icky stuff.


10 Things I Heart Right Now:

1. Pandora channel – Borns.  Oh to be in my 20s again. (Then again, maybe not.)

2. Art – Bauhaus. I just say Moholy Nagy’s collection at the Guggenheim in NYC and loved that while it looked 60s and spacey, it was really made in the 1920s. Here’s to all ahead of their time!

3. Travel – Amsterdam and Scotland.  Planning my trip to Amsterdam to kick off 2017, and I WILL get to Edinburgh in 2017 if it kills me.  Which leads to the next thing I love right now, which is…

4. Outlander – On Starz – actually makes it worth buying premium cable again.  And two words: Sam. Heughan. I also love that the entire book series was an ACCIDENT!  I’m beginning to think all happy awesome things are just accidents.

5. Girl Ghostbusters – don’t care the story has already been done.  I love to see a good story with 100% girl power!

6. and 7. Food – Butter in NYC. Yum–yes I had a pillow of deliciousness – thanks for asking. And Angus Barn in Raleigh. After eating at both of these places in the past 7 days, the food I see these days’ bar has been set. Way. Higher. Not to mention the scale at my doctor’s office…

8. Mentoring programs – I’m becoming a student of why they work, why they don’t, and how to make them better.

9. & 10. Anchor – loving this little app, especially with my face, made just for radio!  I’ll be discussing how I’m using it over at Social Media Dames #SMDames16 coming up 8/3. #SMDames has been one of the coolest meetings I’ve attended in the past several years now.

6 Things I’m Working On Right Now

Sunday, June 26th, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 11.26.33 AM1. <-This crazy poster for AACP Innovations in Teaching coming up in Anaheim, CA. I got the brilliant idea to lay it out more in pictures, like a Pinterest board, rather than a traditional sci/tech poster. Although, it’s half-baked right now. Not digging the layout. The struggle is real.

2. Finishing touches on an article for HCLA on leadership and quitting.  Seemingly incongruent, but really important for strong leaders.

3. Thinking about my talk topic for #SMDames16. I think I’ve got that one in the bag. Will I see you there, Indy ladies?

4. Next few Pharmacy Podcasts – looking at indie ownership, aromatherapy, pharmacy benefit management as possible upcoming topics.

5. Next book–wildly, wildly different ideas here. I may need to try several at once, since they are so vastly different.

6. The STEM Princess Advisory Board – first time I’m setting up an ad board for a book, but I’m disturbed by this growing backlash against educating girls and young women in STEM. Announcement on the amazing board coming soon.