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A Little Mad, A Little Scared

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

photoHello, compadres!

First, I have to vent a little.  Right now, after spending the bulk of my office day on drafting a contract, I’m a little perturbed.  Mainly at my law school, because guess how many contracts I was required to draft during law school?

Yup. One. Uno. That’s it.

I should have had more contract drafting in law school.  I’ll say it.  I think I just did.

I wish they would have had a ‘moot transaction contract draft’ course.  I think I may have been decent at it, but now.  Or, maybe that third year could have been spent actually writing more?  I’ll never know now.  I just have to keep plugging through icky dirty work until I get it figured out.  Thankfully, I have peeps on my side who can help me through the quagmire.  I’d rather be creating art than contracts.  Wow. I think I just said that out loud too.

Now, my second feeling of the day.

I’m also scared.


I’m scared that the Social Media Dames Unconference (#SMDames13 if you want to follow the hashtag over at the tweeting place) is selling out a little too quickly.  I tried to send out a heads up on the registration to my friends right after the press release went out yesterday, but I’m a little concerned that this event is going to max out at capacity sooner than I originally thought.

I suppose that’s a good problem to have, but I want my sisters to get in line first – so here’s the link to tickets one more time, if you’re so inclined to learn more about women rocking social media in Indianapolis on 11/21/13…ssshhhhh.  The faceplace page is filling up too.

This is a good problem to have.

Now, I’m going back to the icky contract.

No pain, no gain!