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Introducing…The Inaugural #STEMPrincess Advisory Board!

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

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Inaugural #STEMPrincess Project Advisory Board Announced by Pharm, LLC

INDIANAPOLIS – June 30, 2016 – Pharm, LLC created a new national advisory board for its book series and movement to encourage more girls to choose STEM/STEAMED* careers under the #STEMPrincess book trilogy project.

The advisory board is comprised of 9 women in STEM careers, or leadership positions from the US to ensure the #STEMPrincess educational events, resources and programs are ‘edutaining’ and compelling for the next generation of girls choosing to pursue STEM careers.  The 9 advisory board members include:

Mandi Bishop – Firebrand, Social Entrepreneur, Women-in-Healthcare & Health IT Evangelist– Jacksonville, FL

Holly M. Davis – Executive Director, Center for Women and Democracy – Seattle, WA

Kristin Eilenberg – CEO, Lodestone Insights – Indianapolis, IN

Christi Garcia – Sales and Business Development Manager, E-gineering, LLC – Indianapolis, IN

Crystal Grave – Founder, President and CEO, Snappening – Indianapolis, IN

NaShara Mitchell – Founder, Studio B – Indianapolis, IN

Shelley Myers – VP, Consumer Health & Wellness, Fuzion – Carmel, IN

Tasha Phelps – President & CEO, Phelco Technologies – Indianapolis, IN and Independent Candidate, Indiana State Senate – District 30

Jennifer Ruby, Esq. – Attorney-Owner, Ruby Law and Founder, Finances 101 for Young  Professionals – Indianapolis, IN

Heather Torlina Hatcher – Biologist, research scientist, and STEM educator – Fishers, IN

“I have been humbled by this tremendous cadre of women who are already in STEM and said yes—to champion STEM education for girls with the #STEMPrincess project nationally,” commented Erin Albert, CEO at Pharm, LLC, STEM academician and author of The Amazing Adventures of the Princesses from Planet STEM children’s book series.

“These women all want the STEM Princess movement out into the wider world in different, meaningful ways to in turn spark a new generation of women in STEM.  We know from the research that women in STEM are paid closer to parity with men, and have higher wage earnings. I’m excited to have this group of women already living the STEM dream help spread the broader message: that girls CAN be STEM superstars!”


About The Amazing Adventures of the Princesses from Planet STEM: This children’s book series for girls and boys ages 5-9 is currently a story book (book 1), a hands-on activity book (2), and a coloring book (3).  The series is available online for sale at the author’s website:  More on the author at:

About Pharm, LLC: A service consulting think tank to healthcare, life sciences and pharmacy professionals, Pharm LLC educates on career development pathways through books, courses and articles to inform. Contact:

Beyond the press release – these women are all going to kick my dupa into gear on my STEM Princess dream – which is to get 50% gender parity in all corners of STEM.  Let’s do this, ladies!!!!

Happy International Day of the Girl

Friday, October 11th, 2013

I had no idea, until a friend of mine, sent me the link last night to Day of the Girl, which just happens to be October 11th every year, which, if you’ve got a calendar handy, you know is today.  Of course, I had to check out the site.  They even have an actions toolkit for today, and included in this kit is to make some noise on social media.  The hashtag is #EveryGirlCounts.

After recently seeing the documentary film, It’s a Girl, I realize that while girls in America and girls in Indiana in particular are still far behind, we are light years ahead on equality than countries like China and India, where girls are still aborted, murdered and neglected from birth and beyond.  On top the horrible gendercide happening, the creation of an overpopulation of males without potential women partners has created yet another problem–where girls are being stolen and kidnapped to become future brides.

This. Must. Stop. Until we start embracing, accepting and treating both genders equally, our world will remain a mess.  Let’s face it, our world would be a much better place if we had more women in leadership roles.  That’s why I will continue the crusade of crazy to get the children’s book done to inspire girls to be anything they want to be in STEM.  STEM is one area where there is less pay gap between genders, and STEM careers give women the opportunity to be financially independent.

Two things I’ll leave you with on this Friday:

1. We are at 44% to goal with the children’s book, and today, my update is another episode of – Did the STEM Princess Live Happily Ever After? With Tasha Phelps, CEO of Phelco Technologies Inc.  Watch episode #11 to find out.

2. Make some noise on social media today for girls – use the hashtag above and make sure that in fact, every girl DOES count.