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The Cool Pharmacy Career Toolkit: Pharmacy Times & Pharmacy Careers

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Inevitably – I get these random emails or faceplace messages from grads that ask what else is out there for pharmacists after graduation and working a couple of years.

Obviously, my first response was to write a book about it–46 Doses.

But, Pharmacy Careers and Pharmacy Times have given me the opportunity to feature real world pharmacists doing really amazing things in the world.  This is where I’m going to house the links over the coming months.  I’ve written, and will continue to write, some amazing stuff going on out there in the world o’ pharmacy.

The column has two different types of posts within the series.

1. Story: Y-O-U – The first type of posts will be more personal–to unearth the biggest mystery of all–YOU.  I’ll give tips and tricks that I use with students on a regular basis for pharmacists to stop and do a reality check on themselves.

2. Spotlight in Practice (or, you can be what you can see) – The second type of post features an actual real-world pharmacist out there rocking – doing amazing stuff – changing and thinking about practice a little differently.  I personally think that YOU CAN BE WHAT YOU CAN SEE – so it’s my job as a writer to find those doing cool, unusual work to inspire others to hop on board the cool/amazing/different/creative train in pharmacy practice and healthcare.

As the links and stories come online, I’ll keep putting them in here.  Here are the first few:

I’ll be filling in the rest of the bullets as the year rolls on.  In the meantime, if YOU are a cool pharmacist doing interesting things in your work, or you know someone who is – let me know! I want to share your brilliance with the rest of the world – so maybe if nothing else, I can inspire a new generation of pharmacists to get out there, find their interesting corners of practice, and blow them up into something that is unique, one-of-a-kind, and feeds not only their pocketbooks, but their souls.

Policy & Advocacy in Pharmacy

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

I’m working on a lecture for one of the courses here at BUCOPHS on why policy & advocacy is important to pharmacy practice, and how to get involved in P&A as a pharmacy student or pharmacist.  So, I thought I’d start a list of resources here for those policy and advocacy pharmacy geeks out there like me, who are trying to push the profession forward, on top of the other stuff that we do all day.

And I did discuss this throughout The New Pharmacist: 46 Doses of Advice book I just published, but I need to give an hour presentation on this topic, so I’m trying to go a little deeper here.

Here we go.

First, you can advocate and push policy forward right from your very own desktop or laptop–as a pharmacist, or as any other type of professional or citizen.  You can do any of the following to advocate and move policy forward:

  • Blog – like moi (just make sure your employers are cool with that – check your co.’s policies)
  • Write letters to the editor, or editorial pieces for your local papers or newsletters
  • Write your reps–Senators, Congressmen/women, etc. at the local, state and federal levels–about pending legislation or policy that is under notice and comment.  Even if it is NOT under notice and comment, feel free to put forth your opinions in writing to the powers that can actually vote on pending law.  There’s some crazy statistic I read once that said for every letter a Congressperson receives, a dozen or more others in the same district have the same concerns–yet, no one takes the time to pen a thoughtful letter around an issue.  Don’t let that be you (the ‘no one’ in the sentence above).
  • Get involved in a cause/issue or a political candidate’s run for an office
  • Offer to serve as an adviser on healthcare or pharmacy to a candidate already in office (You’d be shocked to know how little many politicians actually know about health care. Shocked. Appalled.)
  • Join a group and get involved in policy & advocacy – for us in pharmacy, that’s groups like APhA, ASCP, ACCP, ASHP, ASPL, AACP, NACDS, NCPA, or AMCP (and if I missed any, sorry).  There are usually state pharmacy organizations to get involved in as well – in Indiana, for example, we have the Indiana Pharmacists Alliance.
  • Sign petitions.  Better yet, start petitions. and or are a few places where you can sign and/or start a movement via petition–just make sure the issue isn’t already out there.
  • If you’re hardcore, consider a fellowship in healthcare policy or pharmacy policy–either right out of school, or after your first year of residency.  VCU has one for pharmacy policy.  There are others – like the Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellows Program, or Health and Aging Policy Fellowship, and more than I can possibly list here.
  • If you’re really hardcore, consider law school.  (Although, I caution you right now on this one, law jobs aren’t o’ plenty right now.)  After that, maybe work as a lobbyist (just make sure you believe in what you’re lobbying about…).
  • You could analyze policy at a Think Tank (<-and yes, this links to Wikipedia’s list of Think Tanks).
  • If you’re absolutely at the top of hardcore policy and healthcare development, consider running for office.  There are local and national programs you can go through to get training on how to do that.  My recent favorite was the Women’s Campaign School at Yale–but there are others.  The LA Times just did an article on more physicians running for political office – why not pharmacists too?

What have I missed?  While I’ve never lived in D.C., nor did a fellowship, residency or ran for office (yet, anyway), I’m certain there are others out there with more knowledge than me on this subject. From them I ask–what did I miss?



The New Pharmacist: 46 Doses of Advice – the OTHER new book launching today!

Monday, March 24th, 2014

So, we never like it to get dull around here.  Not only did we officially launch the #STEMPrincess project this month – I’m now officially launching my second new book here.

(Insert drumroll here.)

The New Pharmacist: 46 Doses of Advice – Official Press Release for New Book written by author Dr. Erin L. Albert from Erin Albert
This new book, The New Pharmacist, is available at the following places:
In hardcopy book at the publisher’s site, Mascot Books.
Via Amazon Kindle.
Via Nook.
Why did I write this?  Well, because I keep on getting asked the same question over and over again by fresh pharmacy graduates: “Dr. Albert, is this all there is?”
Short answer: no.
Longer answer: in this book – read it if you are a pharmacist wondering about the “next step” in your career 0-10 years in practice.


Saturday, March 8th, 2014

Peeps! (Some of you already know this, since you were backers of the project, and I already shared with you…)

I’ve been waiting for this moment since last fall, when I started the Kickstarter campaign for the #STEMPrincess Project: friends, the books are coming MONDAY!!!!

Seriously, there is no better feeling to an author than cracking open the first box off the skid.  But that’s not the best part.  The best part of THIS particular project is that it involved all my friends and even some anonymous donors who MADE IT HAPPEN WITH ME!

They say no woman is an island.  Nor is a writer.  THANK YOU if you supported or backed this project.  I can’t wait to roll it out!

Last, the publisher’s book links are already up – ssshhhh! Here they are:

The Amazing Adventures of the Princesses from Planet STEM

Oh, and the OTHER new book:

The New Pharmacist: 46 Doses of Advice

Squeeeeeeeeee!  See you Monday – join the picture fun over at the Faceplace page for #STEMP if you want to see it unfold real time!

Random High Glucose Level Thoughts

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

This Friday’s dinner consisted of a Shamrock Shake (to commence the new month), followed by a Paczki.  When you follow carbs with more carbs when falling off the healthy eating bandwagon, you know it’s been a rough week.

But, I lived through it!

Here are 5 random ideas/thoughts/stuff I’m working on for the next couple of weeks, or my friends are…I hope you can consider getting behind some or all of them.  And seriously – in a moment of desperation – don’t have carb dinners with carb chasers as your binge for the week–friends don’t let friends carb overload…

Indiegogo for Snappening’s App – My friend Crystal, owner of, is also running an Indiegogo campaign now to build an app for her service.  Check it out here.

I’m putting on the finishing touches of two talks for high school students this weekend for TechFest14 in Ft. Wayne.  One talk is For Girls Only, the other is to Follow Your Dream.  My fear is that I’m so far away from high school that I can’t remember what it was like to actually BE in high school anymore, but hopefully I can help this group of students out, so they can become the best they can be.

Inside Indiana Business is going all girlpower – we shot the episode yesterday in Indy, but the all women entrepreneurs show will air on 3/14 and during the weekend – in two weeks.  Can’t wait!

The new books are coming – Received a call pre-carb-binge yesterday to schedule delivery of one of two book drops soon.  Yes, there are two new books coming, not just one.  Why is my timing so crazy?  I don’t know, but bring on the books!

STEAMED – The Greater Indianapolis Chamber is hosting an event to look at STEM education in Indiana on March 13th as well.  Yours truly will be a panelist.  While I don’t deem myself a STEM education expert by any means, I am just a girl who grew up in Indiana, decided on a STEM career, and went for it.  So, if you are interested, please join me that day – ESPECIALLY if you were a backer of the #STEMPrincess project on Kickstarter.  I want to show Indy who the rockstar supporters are of girls and STEM, and this is just one venue where we can do just that.

Why did I use the word STEAMED?  Because STEM is important – but art, design and entrepreneurship are ALSO important and SHOULD be included in STEM ed, in my opinion.

That’s what’s running through my high blood sugar veins right now.



Friends, Romans, New Pharmacists and STEM Princesses…

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

…I bring you good tidings of great joy!

BOTH final book galleys – for The Amazing Adventures of the Princesses from Planet STEM, and my new book on pharmacy – are DONE.  I have officially signed off on BOTH galleys!

Nothing like this feeling for a writer after a very long month of editing!!!!

HUGE shout out to all who helped with both books – peeps like Pam Fraizer (illustrator of STEM Princess), everyone who helped out on the Kickstarter campaign and getting the books into public libraries.  Thanks as well to those who worked on 46 Doses – the cover was illustrated by BoldThink.  Last but not least, thanks to Mascot Books, who is the publisher of BOTH books, and both are first hardcover titles for me!

I will be celebrating this weekend.  Stay warm, and stay tuned – new books will be rolling out soon!