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What Got You There Won’t Get You To the Next Place

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 7.06.15 PMHow’s your 2017 going?

Mine has been…interesting. Mixed bag. Twists and turns.

The good news today was that the first book of 2017 finally arrived!  It’s on mentoring, The S(He) Says Guide to Mentoring, and it’s with one of my own mentors, Dr. David Borst. He was dean of the business school I attended, and we’ve kept in touch through the years to the point of co-piloting on a book together.  All the fancy press stuff drops soon, but of course, my fab 13 always get the scoop here first.

(You can listen here if audio is more your style on the Pharmacy Podcast about our collaboration. Or follow the magic on Facebook.)

This book is a first for me, in that it is really two books in one. David has very, very different ideas on mentoring from me. But the common theme here is that we’ve both set up women’s mentoring programs in the past, so we wanted to share our experience in that particular arena, even though our approaches and philosophies are radically different. We hope to inspire a few other men and women to start and lead mentoring programs for women–it’s one way we can get more women at the helm of organizations moving forward.

The book is literally flipped too – his side is 180 degrees from mine. And, there’s oddly enough several blank pages in the middle of our book, so people can take notes on our different perspectives as they read through it.

This book for me was an experiment.  First, I’ve not co-piloted on a book in a long time. Second, I’ve never been part of a two books in one experiment. Third, I’ve never written about mentoring formally as the topic or focus of a book before.  We even played with the front cover to make it negative and positive space – in that the black or negative space was the opposite perspective of a man or woman.

My point with this post is this: you can, and should experiment. Keep experimenting. Don’t do the same thing over and over again and expect different results (unless, of course, your results are consistently awesome – congrats to you if they are!  But if they are–are you pushing yourself enough?)

I don’t know if I’m pushing myself enough these days or not. But, hopefully this book will help a few men and women in turn help other women. If it does, I will have considered it a success. It also has reminded me to keep experimenting, and stop doing the same thing over and over again–regardless if it is a wild success or a big fat failure.