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12 Ways To Have a Better 2012: Climbing the Summit of Awesomeness

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Goal time! I’ve been tweeting and posting and thinking…oh my!  (And I looked ahead to my astrological sign info for 2012 – it’s looking good.  Even MORE reason to get my goals on straight!)

But in chatting with some others online and off about it – I wanted to share with you some awesome ways to create your own very best 2012. Here are 12 humble suggestions. And be sure–if allegedly the world is ending in 2012, why not make it your best year yet?!?

1. How I write my own goals for 2012 – thanks to SheTaxi for allowing this very important guest blog post.

2. Productivity goal ideas for 2012 – if getting your productivity on in 2012 is your goal, check out this post!  I also loved this recently posted TED video on the battle between the present and the future self…something I try to work on each and every day.

3. Money year end goals for 2012 – head on over to my friend Pete The Planner’s site.

4. Finding your sweet spot in 2012 - take coach Darla LeDoux’s sweet spot quiz to find out – are you there yet?  If not, consider working with her – or any other awesome coach in 2012!

5. Increase your net worth via your network in 2012 – is rocking your network something you want to work on for 2012?  Then read Hazel Walker and Ivan Misner’s new book on Business, Networking and Sex, for just one suggestion, and learn how to appreciate the differences between the sexes when it comes to networking.

6. Quiet the monkey mind in 2012 – OK – this is probably something I personally need to work on this year, so when I get ready to do so, I’m going straight to my friend, Cassie Stockamp, as she personally believes one can achieve peace through Yoga!  I’m sure you have Yoga where you are too. Ohm…..!

7. Spread the love in 2012 – there are some cool suggestions at this site if you’re interested on spreading the love more in 2012.  And they don’t all have to be put into just one other person (i.e. the significant other).  Kidnap your friends for random acts of fun-lunchiness too – especially if/when you know they’re having a bad day.  LOVE!

8. Start that business in 2012 – WHAT, my friends, are you waiting for?  If you’ve got that new business idea you’ve always wanted to try, but something was holding you back, why not try it this year?  Read our new book and see how others started their own businesses the safer way, we argue, in Plan C!

9. Write on in 2012 – OK – selfishly – this one is for me.  And my writer friends.  But as an amateur writer, I’m always on the lookout for great training when it comes to writing and publishing.  If you’re in or around the Portland area and write business books, I highly recommend Todd Satterson’s BizBookLab too.  If you’re local to Indy, IMCPL has some writer’s workshops.

10. Go big or go home in 2012 – one of these days when I get free from the oppression that is law school, I will take off the shackles and get myself a real business and life coach.  If I had to hire one tomorrow, I’d hire Lorin Beller Blake of Big Fish Nation.  If I had to go local?  I’d hire Dr. Elaine Voci (although, technically, she’s already been my coach on a lot of different matters in the past.)  When you’re hiring a coach, try them on and see who is a good fit for you.  Everyone is different, and has different needs in their lives!

11. Kick the career up a notch in 2012! – A LOT of peeps out there are holding on to their jobs for dear life in the past few rough economic years, but I’m starting to see more of my friends go after their next dream job.  Remember–focus on your strengths, your uniqueness, and ALWAYS customize your cover letter (“match needs cover letter”) to ensure that you directly match up your skills and strengths to what the job posting calls for–each and every time you apply for that new gig.

12. Travel tips for 2012 – What’s that old adage? Something about if you spend money on travel, you actually become richer.  I like that.  And trust me, for 2012, I’ve already got my 2 week big trip planned post-bar to EU.  You should plan something too in order to get out of dodge and push your reset button.

There you have it! 12 Ways to get your best 2012 on – whatever domain(s) you choose to enhance/climb/rock out in order to get to the summit of awesomeness!  I hope you get there, and I hope you found these tips equally helpful.