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Saturday, October 14th, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 8.46.58 PMI took a 24 hour vacation from Twitter on Friday the 13th. I’ll let you Google the brouhaha that led to it, because it involves a long tale, a man whose name I don’t want to taint this blog with, and a bunch of tweets. And while no one likes rape or rape culture, I left Twitter for a day for the procedural issues behind the story.

Here’s why I left: I don’t like what Twitter did to Rose McGowan, because it was arbitrary. Lots of others on Twitter (mainly white men) have violated Twitter’s policies as Rose did in the past and present, but their accounts were never partially suspended over it.

Rules are rules, and they should apply to all, equally. While I get that no social media portal is a democracy, what I don’t dig (and I don’t think ANY of us should) happens when the rules are arbitrarily applied to certain people, but not all people on the platform.

I also understand there was controversy in women leaving Twitter for the day, in that ‘silencing’ women was exactly what the patriarchy wanted, and should we be speaking up rather than shutting off the channel? Trust me when I say we did the most damage we could do to Jack and Twitter by the radio silence for a day. Why?

Because we aren’t the customers of Twitter. We are the product.

Big data is all around us, and we are creating tons of it each and every day. Companies like Twitter (and Facebook, and LinkedIn and all other social media portals) are collecting that data (our “digital dander” as Valita Fredland and I like to call it in a recent Big Data and Ethics talk), and then selling that information back to other companies. We are the product.

At least you KNOW you’re the product on sites like Twitter and Facebook. What’s really scary is that there are data aggregation companies that are collecting, repackaging and selling your data to others and YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IT. (I’ll let you google “biggest data aggregators” to learn who.) Nor can you even opt out of that digital dander collection. That, my friends can only lead to digital DANGER.

So, ladies and gents who left Twitter – nice work! You hit a portal hard where it counts. If they have no data from you, then they have no data that day to sell to someone else. And taking away their product – YOUR digital profile and tweets or your digital dander – is the biggest damage you can do to them.

While Jack posted that things are going to change around Twitter in response to #WomenBoycottTwitter, it remains to be seen if the new rules are applied equally, or with discrimination. We’ll be watching, Jack…

Social Media Dames (#SMDames14 #Indy #FAIL): The Results Are In!

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

I was a pretty good kid today and got most of my homework done.  So, I wanted to put a post out from results of our exit survey from #SMDames14 #Indy #FAIL – because I’m a data nerd. Like. That! I have two slides for you.

Social Media Dames Unconference Indy FAIL 11/20/14 Exit Survey Data on Social Media Platforms from Erin Albert
The first one above is merely a polling of the audience about what they are already using in terms of social media platforms, those that they were willing to try now after the conference, and those they just haven’t decided to play in quite yet.  It’s fascinating to me why people choose what social media platforms to play in. Take for example the new college phenomenon, Yik Yak.  The women from Dames aren’t really going to use or try that platform; however, I know the college set is flocking to it, Instagram and Snapchat like the holy trinity. FASCINATING!
Now, the second slide, which looks specifically at crowdfunding:

Social Media Dames Unconference 2014 Indy FAIL 11/20/14 – Exit Survey on Crowdfunding platforms used from Erin Albert
It appears that Indiegogo may have the corner on the market with our audience, but I find it interesting that many women won’t even be “going” towards crowdfunding.  Sad, considering that this method of raising funds for business and projects is a place where women entrepreneurs actually beat the boys in many cases.  And, honestly, I myself never even heard of Plum until this conference, and I’ve now chugged through 2 crowdfunding campaigns of my own (1 success, 1 failure).
What did I learn from all this?  Well, the same problem I find with most new items I learn about–I just have more questions.  But that’s OK.  In the interim, enjoy this data – and think about your own social media policies.  Where are you going to play? Where are you not going online, and most fascinating of all–WHY are you making the choices and decisions you are making in the first place?

A Full Day, Across The Pond

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Wow, it was definitely back to the law school grind today – I’m hitting the hay an hour early!  But before I go, wanted to give a shout out to my new Twitter chum and career coach over in the UK, David Lurie, for allowing me the opp to guest blog on his site to discuss…the slash.  Enjoy!

Do You…Tweet?

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

I walked this morning and heard the sound of spring – birds tweeting.  That reminded me of something I’ve been thinking a lot about a lot lately, and that is: Twitter.  A friend sent me an email requesting that I be followed on Twitter.  I’m not on Twitter…yet.

Do you Tweet?  Is it great?  Is it not so great?  Yes, I guess, the old fashioned me is kicking in here…is my life interesting enough to be tweeting constantly?  I don’t know.  But if you do tweet, let me know if and how you use it and/or like it.

Off to chirp the old fashioned way…offline….