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When Will Water Become the New Oil?

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Waverly STEM PrincessToday, I’ve been thinking a lot about…water.

Much like health, I think we all (myself included) take potable water for granted.  We just flip on the faucet and assume it’s going to pour out and be safe to drink.  The assumption that we’re always going to have it around in this fashion is…disturbing.

Just look at this article out of Detroit about their water problem.  If you saw on the national news the other night, Lake Mead is at a record (14 year) low, and this is a source of water for several states.  Meanwhile, in Arizona just this week were floods.  Even right here where I hang, Indiana, the state chamber put out a rather disturbing report on water and how it ties into our economy.  This is happening right here in OUR OWN country, my peeps! Not the middle of the desert on the other side of the Earth!

Now, for those of you thinking – wait a minute, we’ve got the oceans – keep in mind that is salt water.  Less than .5% of the total water on Earth is potable.  Desalinization is still cumbersome.

Friends, mother nature is tricky.  While we fight over oil in many countries, I’m pondering how long it will take us to start globally fighting over another precious resource that we are taking for granted, water.  This scares me.

There’s a major educational opportunity here.  If we can train the next generation to preserve water and treat it as the very precious resource that it truly is, we can slow down this massive drought of ignorance.  I’ll admit it – I AM IGNORANT when it comes to clever ways to preserve water – so I looked it up! Here are some thoughts:

1. CDC has some thoughts on making water safehere.

2. The Alliance for Water Stewardshiphere.

3. Study Dr. Elinor Ostrom’s work on commons – including waterhere’s a bit on it.

4. 25 Ways for Preserving Water in Homes and Yardshere.

5. Water conservation at the community levelby Penn State.

Water is absolutely essential to life.  Without it, we and the creatures we share this planet with will die.  I don’t mean to be gloom and doom, but I am worried about this problem, as it becomes more apparent to me.  If I just get you to think about this for a minute or two (or more, as I have over the past couple of weeks) I think we could all make some serious positive changes…not only for ourselves, but for future generations.