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Smarthomes, Smartclothes, and Wearables: Being the Dumbest One in the Room is Fine with Me

Monday, January 13th, 2014

I can’t resist a post on this, because I’ve been thinking about it a LOT lately.

Everything is getting smarter around me (except, for me…hahaha!)

CES this year was all about smart appliances, like in this article. This article also over at Forbes about the top companies to watch for Smart Homes 2014 I saw as well…and with the baby boomer population heading towards retirement, this industry is going to explode in the years to come, because no one wants to go to the hospital.  If we can keep patients out of the hospitals, all of our healthcare spending will go down.

Wearables are important now too – I’m particularly infatuated with them for health.  I bought myself a Fitbit Flex for Christmas, and I gotta say, it’s holding my feet to the fiery treadmill – pretty much every day since Christmas I’ve hit my 10K step goal.  I saw this article online tonight, and it actually ranks the wearables thus far from worst to best.  Google glass still really isn’t quite available to the masses, but I’m not sure I could wear them just yet – they’re just a little too…Google Glass-ish for me.  (I guess I saw some hard core Google glass wearers at ADC/GDCNext in LA last fall, and I just don’t think they’re personally my style…)

While I dig my Fitbit Flex, it’s still kind of clunky, and honestly, I’d like to see more features added to the app (like, a BMI calculator or a way to track BMI at least, some kind of app where we could take a picture of our food from major restaurant chains and track calories–protein, fat and carbs, and a vitamin checkbox.  There’s definitely more that we could track here for patients long term too – like blood pressure and even blood glucose readings…come on, Fitbit! : )

Here’s my point: everything is getting smarter around us.  From refrigerators knowing when we are almost out of milk, to Amazon’s future drones dropping it off at our front door, to how many steps we walked per day, I think this is some fabulous tech we’ve got headed our way.  I hope you’re taking advantage of it.  I’m trying to…and, last but not least, just so you know…I didn’t write this point UNTIL I got my 10K steps in today!

7 Big(ger) Ideas for 2014

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

Slide1I thought about writing a post on my 13 favorite books of 2013, or best hits of 2013…but that was then, this is now.  The futurist in me always wins out over the historian – so here we go!  Here are 7 big ideas that are going to be big in 2014, or ideas that are going to get even bigger in 2014, at least in my mind…ready?

1. Wearables mashing with healthcare – Pucker up, healthcare, the wearables are coming! FitBit, Google Glass, etc. are heading this way, and with the costs of healthcare spiraling completely out of control, the wearables are going to be one way we can monitor patient care over the long haul, more affordably.  Healthcare, er, traditionally, isn’t very innovative, but again with the screws tightening with ACA and people paying more for their healthcare via exchanges, this is going to force healthcare out of the box.  What I’d like to see is more technology driven by the healthcare companies rather than the tech companies, however, for reasons I outline in #2.  (Aren’t I clever in getting you to read on?!? : )

ex: shoes with pedometers built in, google glass with a calorie counter and protein/carb/fat detector by looking at your next meal, etc.

2. Apps and glassware like #1 – Apps will accompany the wearables.  And when I went to ADC GDCNext, THE next thing is “glassware” or apps for Google Glass that all the developers were discussing.  One of the coolest glassware (apps) I saw was for real estate – but there’s literally no limits to what glassware can do to help healthcare.  Ditto for apps.  My concern with both #1 and #2, here, however, is that we don’t have enough knowledgable people in healthcare talking to the app and glassware developers about how to properly monitor patients, and the app and glass developers seem to be winging it.  I’m here to tell both camps that we MUST start playing together, pronto – to get QUALITY apps and wearables out there that are USEFUL.

ex: the apps that go along and track all your data from your wearables above.  Example for healthcare companies – are the diabetes blood glucose monitor makers working with app and wearables peeps to figure out how to track FBG with the smartphone instead of another device lugged around?

3.  Women entrepreneurs – Ladies, I’m here to say that I think 2014 will be our best. Year. Yet!  With more women graduating from college and grad schools, with the pay gap shrinking, I think the rise of women entrepreneurs will only be pushed steeper up the curve! YAY!

4.  However, main stream media needs to realize there are (huge) goal differences between men and women entrepreneurs – I hope and pray that main stream media FINALLY realizes that the reason many women-owned shops are smaller than a lot of men’s is because we WANT it that way! Not all women entrepreneurs are empire builders.  Instead, we want to design our entire lives by starting businesses – not become the next Darth Vader of enterprise.  I’m hoping THIS is the year mainstream media gets this.  And while we’re on the subject, one isn’t better than the other – they’re just DIFFERENT.

ex: I’ve researched and talked to many women with firmly established businesses that tell me they are GOOD where they’re at – they don’t want or need any more to feel or be “successful.”  Please RESPECT that point of view, main stream media!

5.  STEAMED education uprising – The mojo is getting strong around Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education as our country quietly slips down the lists of competitiveness globally around education and these 4 domains – but here’s hoping the focus shifts not only to these 4 quadrants of education, but we also keep an eye on Art, Design and Entrepreneurship in that education equation too.  That switches our acronym from STEM -> STEAMED.  True creative souls need all types of education, not just the trendy acronym of the day.  I also think we’re all artists, designers and entrepreneurs now, but in order for us to stretch our muscles in those areas, we have to show students and the next generation what good looks like here.  And, live schools: if you don’t start providing value in live courses with this – guess who’s picking up the ball and running with it?  Yup, the MOOCs will continue to be big, esp. for didactic learning.

ex: there are a few really good programs afterschool that develop a child’s interest in art, entrepreneurship and design, but we need more!

6.  The full-time, 40 hour work week continues to lose weight – Whether or not you agree, more and more people are ‘patching’ their careers.  The most negative term here is “income patching” the most positive form is “entrepreneuring/intrapreneuring.”  Whatever you choose to call it, more people now than ever are freelancing and looking for project-based work rather than full-time cubicle posting jobs.  From freelancing to social entrepreneurship, there’s an entire portfolio of careers people now have, and I think the days of the 40 hour full time day job gig are going to continue to diminish.

7.  Social media’s ubiquitousness – If you DO interview for those part time or full time gigs, I think in 2014, more than any point in history, you’ll start to be asked about your online presence as well as offline.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that employers are going to start asking you about your Klout, Kred, clout and cred – both the big K and the little c. What is your influence online and off? What was the last project you leveraged online with your network to turn something into value for your brand, your employer, or to better the universe?  Do you blog?  What are you passionate about through social media?  Mark my words…we’re all going to get asked this stuff.  Are your answers solid?

ex: Read The 2020 Workplace.