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Legacy: Littering the Universe With Knowledge

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

So, yesterday, my law mentor asked me a series of tough questions, which I’ve been pondering ever since.

“What do you want your legacy to be?  What do you stand for?  What are you passionate about?”

At first instinct, I started thinking of all the tribes I dig.  But the problem is, to most folks, they are seemingly disparate–STEM and girls, entrepreneurs (full and part time), those who are multipational or slashes, those who care about Indiana, women in social media telling their stories, those who want to do good and create good business as social entrepreneurs, my peeps in pharmacy, business and law, and hybrid professionals.

However, after sleeping on her series of tough questions, here’s the 50K ft view of what I want my legacy to be after I leave this Earth:

I want to be known for littering the Universe with knowledge.

I think that’s the common thread.  Whether it’s a:

  • five year old who gets giddy about geology (or some other corner of STEAMED or STEM),
  • to a 19 year old pharmacy major who wants to learn how to build and write a business plan,
  • to a 25 year old pharmacist who wants to go on to law school,
  • to a 30 year old mom who wants to learn how to utilize social media and share her story,
  • to a 35 year old who wants to write HER OWN first book,
  • to a 50 year old who wants to redesign her life and start a business,
  • to a school that wants me to draft a summary of a meeting or an event to share with a bigger audience,
  • to a legislator who wants to know more about social enterprise business forms,
  • to a pre-retiree who has been there, done that and gives me the opportunity to share his or her wisdom in a talk or a book.

I want to be a force for good and sharing education at all levels.  Besides, there’s PLENTY of work to do in this arena, judging by the mass media and their lack of edutaining and educating materials right now.  I want to be an advocate for knowledge.

I joked with my mentor yesterday that the one “career” that always came up high for me on all the personality testing that I’ve never been quite sure how to reconcile is “PR.”  After sleeping on it – I already do PR – it’s just PR for knowledge!

If that’s too big, lofty or wonky, I don’t know yet.  But I do know that this is the common thread throughout my crazy career, my books and articles, my talks, and my projects.  It’s being curious about the world, going on a learning journey, and taking others along with me on the ride, and leaving the universe just a little better than I found it…

…that’s it in its simplest form.

What’s yours? Here’s hoping you can come up with it faster than I could.

I’m still here.

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

My peeps!

Have no fear. I’m still here!

Although, last week I think was one of the most fun of my entire life.

I started off the week in NYC, and had dinner with one of my mentors.  A philosophy major, he challenged me to think about deep stuff like “legacy,” to which I’ve been thinking more about lately.  That is, what do you want to leave behind?

Second, on Tuesday I attended the NYT Schools for Tomorrow conference, which was equally thought provoking.  Guess what? YOU can attend too – virtually! Just click on the link and watch the programs.  Caution: the face of higher ed is CHANGING. RADICALLY.

On Friday, I gave a pharmacy law talk.  I had 30 minutes to focus on 3 cases.  I chose HIPAA, Social Media/Spoliation, and the Learned Intermediary Doctrine cases, and had a good chat with several pharmacy leaders not only about the cases, but more important, how to PREVENT the cases from happening in the first place.

Then, I went to Philly to visit an old friend.  We had a great time.  And although it has been 15 years since I lived in the city of brotherly love, I developed a new crush on it – you can read about my visit (and my love of their art initiatives) over at the other blog.

For the past 2 days, I’ve been feverishly working on a new project/campaign, which I will roll out to YOU first, my fab 13, because you’re that awesome…but it will occupy the blog here for the entire month of October.  It’s a pretty cool project.  In fact, it’s so cool, let’s call it “Project ROCKtober”!  Needless to say, when a girl is trying something new for the first time, inevitably, technical difficulties ensue.  But I’m super sleuthing my way through them, and I hope to get no one other that y-o-u involved in my project during the coming month.

Last, I decided to really get out of my comfort zone (because that’s what you’re supposed to do on a sabbatical) and I’m attending an app/gaming conference coming up this fall.  Why? Well, a myriad of reasons.  Education is headed toward gaming.  We all use apps – including in healthcare (btw – the app guidelines FINALLY came out from FDA Monday – better later than never!)  Frankly, I need to know more people in the app and gaming business anyway – so I’ve decided to get my geek on and nerd my way to and from their world this fall. Yay!

So…although I’ve been quiet, the majority of my activity is under water right now.  You can’t see it, but it is still happening, friends.  Soon enough – you’re going to be part of it – and I. Can’t. WAIT!!!!